When is a centering ring for aluminum rims useful?


There are two types of rims on the market - specialized and universal. The first of them are produced for a specific manufacturer and usually carry its marking, for example, in the form of a trademark. Universal discs are released on the market with the possibility of installation on a specific hub and on a specific car of a given manufacturer, but with the difference that their size is not identical to the size of the hub. This allows you to install them on different cars with the same bolt pattern. The disadvantage is the imperfect fit on the rim. To prevent this, a centering ring is put on each of them.

Hubcentric rim rings - can rim accessories help?

If you are using manufacturer-specified rims, you won't need a centering ring. Another thing is when you use generic products. Permissible difference in diameter between the rims is 0,1 mm. In practice, it happens that many products after mounting on the hub differ in much larger differences in size. What effect from driving on such disks? In most cases, it mainly causes discomfort when driving at highway speeds.

Alignment Rings - Vibrations and Wheel

If the weight of the wheel is unevenly distributed across the hub by the mounting bolts, this can cause the wheel to “wobble” while driving. In severe cases, the forces generated during braking and acceleration can damage the wheel bearing. To compensate for the difference in diameter, a plastic or aluminum fixing ring is used. If you have factory rims you don't need this add-on. Otherwise, consider installing it.

Centering rings - how to put on the wheel?

The only correct way to assemble is to insert the rim inside the rim. Although it may seem more logical and easier to place it on a hub, the manufacturers warn that this is wrong. The size of the centering ring is suitable for almost all car manufacturers and rims on the market. You only need to know two dimensions: the outside diameter of the hub seat and the inside size of the rim center hole.

Depending on which type of centering ring you choose, you will need to properly install it into the hole. Rings are in the form of smooth rims without sides, with sides, with guides, with hooks and turned (rolled). Remember that such an element is always installed on all rims.

Centering rings - aluminum or plastic?

According to some users, plastic is bad, and aluminum is better. Although in some cases such a statement can indeed be considered correct, it is obviously not true everywhere. Although the rubber centering ring may look unattractive, it does its job well. Fits smoothly around the entire circumference to the rim and hub after putting on and fixing the wheel. Of course, you need to make sure that it does not curl up during assembly due to adherence to the planes.

What centering rings for aluminum wheels to choose?

When is a centering ring for aluminum rims useful?

What should be considered when choosing elements? The most important features of centering rings:

  • dimensions;
  • durability;
  • price;
  • fit.

The price of rubber centering rings is lower, which does not change their high wear resistance. Aluminum, on the other hand, is not astronomically expensive, but much more expensive than plastic items. In addition, as a result of prolonged use, they can seize and make it difficult to remove the wheel from the hub. The advantage of aluminum rims is the fact that when choosing aluminum rims, there is no material difference between adjacent elements.

How to choose a centering ring in a car? What size to choose?

When is a centering ring for aluminum rims useful?

There are two solutions - the first is self-measurement of all required dimensions on the hub and rim and the selection of rings at the suggestion of a particular manufacturer. The second way is to contact the distributor directly and use technical support so that a specialist can find the right product for your car. Most importantly, the dimensions of the centering ring are perfectly matched, as well as the method of fit and assembly.

Centering rings are not necessary for owners of vehicles with factory-installed discs. However, they will come in handy for those who feel vibrations while driving. Proper balance is the foundation of safe driving, so it's worth investing in these elements.

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