Keanu Reeves is not the owner of a large, luxurious fleet, because, as you know, leads a relatively modest lifestyle. However, in the collection of the actor there are cars worthy of attention. For instance, Porsche 911, one of the most recognizable sports cars of our time.

This is a two-door coupe that has passed the test of time. The first car was released in 1964 and during its existence has undergone many changes. At first, the 911 index was planned to change over time - depending on the modification of the car, but the success of the new product forced the manufacturer to change their mind. The digital designation 911 is left forever.

The car is equipped with several engine options. The average power of the Porsche 911 is 350-400 horsepower. These numbers allow the car to give excellent dynamic performance, because the model, moreover, is lightweight, maneuverable.

Earlier, Keanu with his car got into a comic situation. The actor bought a Christmas tree for the New Year holidays and did not find a better option than attaching it to the roof of his sports car (photo). The massive tree on the miniature car looked really original.


Keanu is often seen in the company of his iron horse. We can say with confidence that this is one of the “favorites” of the actor. And there really is a reason to love the Porsche 911: excellent driving characteristics, a design that does not lose its relevance to this day, as well as a halo of legend. What else does a motorist need to be happy?



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