Which milling machine to choose? Know the most important parameters before buying


A milling machine is an extremely useful equipment, indispensable in many works. However, before buying, you need to think carefully for what purposes you want to use it, because individual models differ in purpose. So read the article below and see which milling machine to choose to fully meet your requirements.

What is a milling machine and what is it for?

A milling machine is a device with which you can process various types of materials, most often wood or metal. Using a milling machine, you can cut the material and give it any shape you choose (for example, oval), as well as cut grooves. The milling machine works correctly only in combination with cutters, which are a replaceable part and the final effect depends on them. Devices of this type are equipment that can be used by both professionals and amateurs.

What types of milling machines are on the market?

Milling machines can be divided into several categories, if only because of their design. Thus, we can distinguish between console and table milling machines, which are used in particular for extremely precise work, light milling machines, which are extremely versatile, or longitudinal milling machines.

Another division can be made according to the location of the spindle. The most popular are milling machines (the spindle is located above the table) and milling machines (the spindle is located under the table).

Milling machine or milling machine - which is better to bet on?

If you are wondering which milling machine to choose - the upper spindle or the lower spindle, it all depends on what purposes you want to use it for. The milling cutter has less power, so it is not suitable for complex and richly designed parts. However, it will be the best choice if you are just starting your milling adventure and are into traditional and relatively simple milling. If, on the other hand, you already have some experience and want to do more precise and complex work, choose a milling machine.

Milling machine for wood, metal, concrete - what to use?

Milling machines for wood, metal and concrete are available on the market. Check what jobs they can be used for.

Wood milling machine

The wood router is undoubtedly the most popular type of this type of device. Most often used in carpentry workshops and in the manufacture of furniture. With it, you can not only trim the wood, but also create all kinds of recesses and grooves.

concrete milling machine

The concrete grinder is used in construction. With it, you can remove the top layer from concrete structures. In addition, it is used to make various types of cuts required, in particular, to carry out installations, such as electrical installations.

Milling machine for metal

A metal milling machine must have enough power to easily cut relatively hard materials such as metals.

Consider what material you need a milling machine for

Professional milling machines are most often designed for one type of material. As a result, they are more accurate and perform their functions better. However, if you're just starting your milling adventure and want to experiment with different materials, you can choose an all-in-one machine that will work on wood and metal, but won't be as efficient as one designed for one type of material.

Choose the right power and speed for your needs

Power and speed are important parameters when choosing a milling machine. It depends on them what tasks he can perform.

Milling machine power

The more powerful the milling machine, the better, but it often has a higher price. Milling machines up to 800W are mainly used for grooving and edge trimming. Milling machines up to 900 watts are already strong enough to work with different types of materials, even slightly harder ones. On the other hand, milling machines above 900 W are suitable for working even with hard materials, and in addition, they are ideal for making various types of jewelry - including more complex, intricate shapes and various sizes.

Milling machine speed

How smooth the milled surface will be depends on the speed. The higher the RPM, the more precise the work and the better the results. So if you want really impressive results, you'd be better off investing in a high speed grinder.

What additional elements should be considered when choosing a milling machine?

What is the best milling machine? When choosing, you should pay attention to several additional features that will definitely facilitate your work. A milling machine with a light source is a good solution. Thanks to this, you can accurately perform your work without fear of making mistakes due to too dark conditions. An interesting option is also the turret, thanks to which it will be much easier to make deep grooves. If, on the other hand, you want to work cleanly, check if the device has a chip evacuation system.

Drilling and milling machine - is it worth investing in this type of device?

The drilling-milling machine is an extremely versatile device that will allow you to perform many jobs with one device. There are relatively small models available on the market that are ideal for the home workshop, as well as those that can be used in professional workshops. With it, you can not only mill any surface, but also drill holes.

A milling machine is an equipment that can be used by both amateurs and professionals. Be sure to pay special attention to the type of milling machine (upper or lower spindle) as well as its power and speed when looking for the right model.

Decide today which milling machine is best for your application and choose the right model.


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