Which hitch to choose? The best 2, 3 and 4 bike towbar racks


One of the most popular ways to travel is by two wheelers. bike hook stand. What types exist and which one to choose? The most popular of them:

● bicycle rack for 2 bicycles;

● bicycle rack for 3 bicycles

● tow bar holder for 4 bicycles.

Tow bar bike mount - reviews

This method of transporting single-track vehicles requires proper assembly. You also need to pay attention to safety. When it comes to attaching a bike to a towbar, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It is highly recommended by travelers and drivers. The platform, which will be of high quality, will ensure safety during transportation. Accordingly, you need to select the installation:

  • Car model;
  • the number of bicycles;
  • the size of the two wheeler. 

It should be remembered that it is best to buy a platform for a certain number of two-wheelers, because after that you will not be able to change the layout of the bike platform in any way.

Tow bar bike mount - which one to choose?

The largest stand can accommodate 4 bicycles. However, when you do not need such a large vehicle, it makes no sense to overpay and increase the surface of your car. It will be better if you adjust the trunk to suit your needs. What if you have more than 4 two wheelers? Unfortunately, it is impossible to transport so much in one car. Models for only one bike are also rare, because the most popular racks have 2 and 3 places. The advantage of installing bike racks on a towbar is, of course, the convenience of driving. You don't have to pack all your equipment into the car, so you don't have to remove your wheels while driving.

Platforms for bicycles - what you should know about them?

The towbar bike platform must have the appropriate certificates, without which we cannot proceed with the installation of the rack. You must be sure that the equipment is safe and that nothing will interfere with you and others traveling on the road. Such a certificate will ensure the reliability of the design. This ensures that the mounted luggage is stable and will not fall during the journey. As a driver, you must strictly follow the rules of the road. Don't try to drive too fast. Although the frame is firmly fixed, the platform may be damaged at high speed and an accident may occur.

What to remember when traveling with a bike platform?

When riding with a bike rack on a towbar, remember the following:

  • low speed;
  • registration is clearly visible.

However, if you cannot prevent an accident, low speed is still important to prevent the entire load from falling. Thanks to this, the driver, passengers and other persons on the road will avoid danger. Registration should also be clearly visible. With a model that only holds one bike, this is clearly visible. However, things are different when you carry more equipment. In this case, you need to make a plate on which you need to put on a metal harness (it costs about 6 euros. Also, the stand must have the right set of headlights and beams that guarantee good visibility on the road.

Which bike rack for towbar - 4 bikes to choose?

A platform that can accommodate 4 bikes is a significant additional burden for a vehicle.. Typically, standard mountain, road or trekking bikes weigh 15 kg. However, an e-bike is a bit heavier, and you need to know that the weight of things carried in the tow bar cannot exceed 60 kg. This will put a lot of stress on the car, so you should adjust your driving style so you don't exceed the speed limit.

Advantages and disadvantages of a large bike platform

A useful option is the ability to tilt the load when you want to use the trunk. The slope depends on both 4-seat racks and small bike platforms. The disadvantage of the platform, which gives the most space for bicycles, is the problem of subsequently reloading the equipment onto the vehicle. This may discourage some people from taking two-wheelers with them on short trips.

Carrier for 2 and 3 bikes

Bike rack for 2 bikes and bike rack for 3 bikes - the standard option, most often purchased by cyclists. Sometimes you can buy an extra platform if your family is growing or you have an extra passenger. However, this is a standard extension of the platform to only one place. The one with two bikes is the least visible while riding. The weight of the luggage is almost not felt. You just need to remember only the custom length of the car.

Parking sensor

If you have a parking sensor, don't let your guard down as this device may not be as accurate as you think. It is worth carefully reading the description of the sensor provided by the manufacturer. Please follow this description and follow the traffic rules. 

What should be considered when using a hook?

A bike rack on a hook is the safest transportation option. However, you must remember not to carry:

  • bicycles packed in bags - this can be a danger to other riders while riding; 
  • decorative things;
  • child seats;
  • other items not intended for transportation outside the vehicle.

Thanks to the fact that the roof remains free, you have the opportunity to pack luggage there that did not fit in the car. Riding with bikes tied to the back of the car is more economical than if you keep them on the roof. 

How to safely transport an e-bike?

To transport this type of bike, you need to choose the right bike platform. Not every manufacturer offers the ability to load such heavy equipment. On separate platforms, even a bicycle with tires up to 83 mm and cars equipped with special brakes can be transported. Assembling and disassembling bicycles is one of the easiest things to do. Before you start traveling on electric bikes, you need to remove the battery from them.

Ease of use of the platform

When loading parcels on the roof of a vehicle, a lot of physical strength and the help of another person are required. However, in the case of the platform, everything is much simpler. Bicycles can be mounted and removed by one person. This is made possible thanks to removable handles and comfortable clasps.

What to remember and what to avoid when installing equipment?

If you want to transport two-wheelers on bike platforms, keep the following in mind:

  • foam that will protect your car;
  • intervals between bikes;
  • anti-theft stand.

When installing the unit, be aware of the protective foam, which will absorb vibrations during movement. This will protect your vehicle from damage. The paint and construction of the car will remain intact, and the bikes will also be safe. Foam is required when using a trailer bike rack. If you run out of it, you will significantly impair driving comfort and expose the car to damage.

What else do you need to remember?

Another thing to pay special attention to is the distance between the bikes. By keeping your distance, you will protect your bikes from damage during transport. The last condition that a booth must meet in order to be truly durable is theft protection. This is an additional protection, usually in the form of a lock on the head.

A towbar bike rack is a great option if you value driving comfort and safety. Quality in this case is synonymous with safety. The bike holder on the towbar allows you to take care of them. Traveling by bike will no longer be a routine and will turn into a pleasant and relaxing adventure. You will also be calm about the condition of your car.

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