What is Johnny Depp's favorite car & # 8212; auto actor

Johnny Depp is one of the main rebel and extravagant personalities in Hollywood. The actor never hid his riotous lifestyle and wastefulness in terms of finances. He once announced that he spends more than $ 30 a month on wine. The actor's appetites for automobiles are also colossal: they say that Johnny's collection contains 45 cars. The actor considers his favorite vehicle Audi A8.

This is a luxury car that replaced the Audi V8. They say about this iron horse that he simply cannot get bored. Johnny Depp confirms this fact: he bought a car a relatively long time ago and still has not lost interest in it.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is 235 km / h. It can be achieved by an engine with a capacity of 250 horsepower. Obviously, Johnny Depp is not a fighter for a clean environment, as his car consumes 17,5 liters of gasoline in city mode.

Sedan owners praise its excellent handling and dynamics. Despite not the most outstanding engine performance, the car is pleasant both during slow trips and during “spurts”.

Well, and, of course, one of the main features of a car is design. Audi in its repertoire: pleasant smooth lines, minimalism in decor, adherence to a single concept in every detail. It is pleasant to watch such a car in the traffic flow.

What is Johnny Depp's favorite car & # 8212; auto actor

Johnny Depp proves this is a worthwhile example of the German car industry. Despite the fact that he has a lot of cars and motorcycles in his collection, Depp regularly travels “to people” in his Audi A8. By the way, the actor does not always drive on his own. From time to time he uses the services of a personal driver.



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