What plants for the balcony are suitable for the winter? Arrangement of a winter balcony


Completing plants for the balcony and at the same time equipping your space, you should think first of all about all-season species. Thanks to them, the gray autumn-winter period will acquire some colors and it will be much more pleasant to go out onto the terrace or look out the window. What plants can withstand low temperatures? We have prepared a list of the most easily accessible in Poland.

Due to the changing conditions in Poland, we mainly plant interiors, not balconies or terraces. The constant temperature makes it possible to grow thermophilic plants from tropical regions. Outdoors, these species will unfortunately not survive due to the high temperature range, wind and, in some cases, exposure to too much sunlight. This does not mean that the winter balcony should remain dull and colorless. There are species that can easily cope with tougher conditions - and it's not just conifers!

But let's start with them. Coniferous trees are an excellent base for landscaping a winter balcony, which should be supplemented with more resistant deciduous plants. You can also limit yourself to only them - a variety of types with many shades and shapes makes it easy to achieve a beautiful effect.

Coniferous trees for the balcony - which ones to choose?

Year-round conifers never lose their color and are able to endure even extremely low temperatures without damage. In addition, in most cases they do not require intensive care. Which conifers to choose for a winter balcony? In addition to aesthetic preferences, the conditions on your balcony are also important. Some conifers love the sun and need fairly high doses, while others prefer shade. Luckily, plants communicate their preferences through color! The lighter and warmer the shade of the needles, the more sun they crave.

For a sunny balcony, we recommend various varieties of larch, arborvitae and pine. For shaded balconies, the choice is a little more limited. The common yew develops well in the shade, as does the intermediate yew. The Siberian microbiota, available in various effective varieties, will also cope with shading.

Winter plants for the balcony - ideas

Conifers are the simplest solution due to their resilience to changing environmental conditions. However, this does not mean that no leafy plant can survive on a winter balcony. There are species that tolerate low temperatures and strong winds well. Most of them may have a tendency to freeze, but insulating the pots is sufficient to prevent this. It's very simple - just cover it with styrofoam before placing the soil and plant in the pot.

Such thermal insulation should be enough in most cases! In addition, a shell of straw or seaweed can help with insulation and decorate the plant beautifully. What are the best balcony plants for winter?

Ivy is a hardy species that is beautiful all year round.

Ivy is a climbing plant resistant to low temperatures. It loves the shade, so you can grow them on balconies without direct access to the sun. You can create a green wall using ivy. It is worth using pergolas or lattices, which are supports for it. Ivy is resistant to changes in conditions and drinks quite a bit - in winter it is enough to water it once a week. Likes calcareous and humus soils. In the context of exactingness to the sun, the same principle works as for conifers - the brighter and more colorful the leaves, the more sunlight the ivy needs.

Holteira is an evergreen plant shimmering with a riot of colors.

If you don't want to be limited to greenery on your balcony, this shrub that changes color with the seasons is perfect. Its dark green leaves turn purple in winter. Red berries give it an extra charm. Holteria is frost-resistant, so it is not necessary to insulate its pot. It is enough to choose suitable soil for it with a low pH (the one intended for rhododendrons is ideal).

Barberry - frost-resistant shrub of various varieties

The range of shades of barberry is very wide - from golden green to rich red. The color of the leaves changes depending on the season. Shrubs can be grown in pots without fear of freezing even in extremely cold temperatures, making them great winter plants for a balcony. They are easy to grow and shape. Barberry will cope with any soil, although it prefers light and humus most of all. They do not need to be watered often - in the case of adult bushes, once every few weeks is enough.

With the help of these plants you will create a beautiful winter garden on your balcony! In summer they may be joined by other, more demanding indoor wintering species.

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