What are the best hunters? Check out the TOP famous models!


Sport motorcycles designed for road use are so important in the range of every stable that there is no reason to expect their development to disappear. It is the results on the tracks or extreme races on the Isle of Man that provide manufacturers with buyers. After all, if someone wins in such conditions, then his cars are the best. Find out what you need to know about these amazing sport bikes.

Motospider, or what is it?

What are the best hunters? Check out the TOP famous models!

The typical "sport" is a civilized version of high-performance motorcycle models prepared for the race track. And although they are approved for road use, they lack adrenaline. Lots of horsepower, a stiff and stiff suspension that allows it to cling to the ground, and an aerodynamic design that weighs as much as a sack of fluff are the characteristics of this type of vehicle.

Hunters - data in numbers

How does it look in numbers? Chasers and their top-end variants are often equipped with inline engines or V4 engines with a displacement of about 1000 cm³. This translates into at least 200 hp, acceleration to the first hundred in just over 3 seconds and a top speed of about 300 km / h. What does it mean? For example, if you're not careful, you can break the long jump world record. Unfortunately, this is no laughing matter.

Motorcycle speeder - is it worth it to have?

What are the best hunters? Check out the TOP famous models!

A lot depends on your skills and what kind of bike you choose in the end. Light riders, up to 500cc for example, are handled well by even less experienced riders. You can buy a speeder if:

  • you have experience;
  • you drive carefully;
  • you have a lot of money;
  • you will have a place to realize your passion.

Medium models, and even more so the legendary "liters", require a lot of experience and common sense. Solid cash injections and a place on the highway or at the airport will come in handy.

Is it worth choosing? according to some such machines are simply addictive - and strong. If you already have a 600 or a "litre", only a sudden family situation (as advertisers say) will make you sell it.

Brands of riders that you know (or only know) - Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, BMW or Suzuki?

Which stables produce motorcycles classified as racing? First of all, this is the Japanese big four, that is, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. In each of them you will find powerful new "sports" vehicles, as well as iconic two-wheelers. This group also includes Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and Triumph.

This group has been successfully operating for many years and defines the entire sports market. Which models of these manufacturers deserve your attention?

Speeder models you won't pass by indifferently

What are the best hunters? Check out the TOP famous models!

To begin with, an absolute classic is the Honda CBR 600 RR. The 599 cc four-cylinder engine in the R4 system produces a brilliant 118 hp. If they are not treated with a whip, they drink little fuel, but when racing, they increase their thirst dramatically. Honda is considered a classic example of a trouble-free sports bike with excellent driving performance. You can only maintain a moderately comfortable posture.

Other interesting speeder models…

As for speeders with a volume of no more than 600 cm³, it is worth taking a closer look at the Yamaha R6. This Yamaha R1 is also a very good, almost iconic XNUMX. On paper, it has almost as much horsepower as the CBR. In Polish stores on the secondary market, you can easily find a good copy and do not ruin your budget.

The fastest speeders - do you really need them?

What are the best hunters? Check out the TOP famous models!

After buying a motorcycle with a 1000cc engine, a motorcyclist experiences about the same thing as after drinking the same amount of colorless liquid - he loses touch with reality. Unfortunately, sometimes this can be a permanent procedure. So if you are thinking about buying such a "sport", think twice, and then start thinking again.

However, we are not here to moralize. So, meet the fastest cars in the world.

Suzuki Hayabusa 1300

The top of the list is opened by a model over 20 years old. This car was officially the first to break the 300 km/h mark. Speeders have never flown as fast as this peregrine falcon. This is largely due to the engine with a volume of more than 1300 cm³. Hayabusa still evokes a lot of emotions to this day.

BMW S1000RR 2019

And now a completely fresh version of an equally iconic motorcycle. The first 100 km / h take as much as nothing, because 2,4 seconds. A four-cylinder engine propels this German design to speeds of over 330 km/h. The conclusion is clear - the buns that you go for will not even have time to cool down.

Ducati Panigale V4 R

In this Ducati we have 221 hp. per liter of power, and this is one of the best results for naturally aspirated internal combustion engines in motorcycles. It is not surprising that 320 km / h is only a few tens of seconds. An Italian superbike has recently entered the market (because "released" is a pretty bad word) and made a lot of noise.

Kawasaki h2r

Here, to achieve huge power (326 hp), a supercharger is needed. That doesn't change the fact that this bike passed the 2016 km/h mark in 400. Speeders have never been so fast. Who would have thought that the jump from 300 to 400 km/h would take several years?

Dodge Tomahawk

For some, the issue is quite controversial, because this design has, as it were, four wheels instead of two. This doesn't change the fact that there is currently no production bike in the motorcycle category that is faster. The engine allows you to accelerate the speeder to at least 560 km / h, which, however, is difficult to verify on your own skin.

You already know what speeders are and what their popular models look like. You are unlikely to decide to buy such cars (the prices for speeders are dizzying) and test drive. However, nothing prevents you from seeing and listening to such powerful beasts on the track. And such experiences are not only remembered, but also want to be repeated as often as possible.

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