What is the home alarm control panel?


Properly selected alarm system will allow you and your loved ones to sleep peacefully. You do not know which home alarm control panel will be the best solution for you? Find out what options you have and which one to choose to effectively protect your property.

When your house is empty, you might be wondering if it will be the target of burglars. Want to improve the security of your property? Find out the rules to follow when choosing an alarm system for your home.

Which control panel will be the best?

Everyone would like to be sure that he is safe in his own home. Such comfort can be provided by the control panel and motion sensors interacting with it. Purchasing and installing these devices is not too difficult, and the sense of security you get from them cannot be overestimated.

Alarm systems for new and old buildings

Often at the stage of planning the construction of a house, the installation of an anti-burglary system is considered. When you are planning to install an alarm in an already occupied building, it is worth choosing wireless control panels so that you do not have to run cables. This opportunity is provided by manufacturers of modern control panels, such as SOMFY and SATLINK. Their devices are intuitive, easy to use and compatible with phone apps.

Home Alarm Control Panel - Tasks

The main task of the checkpoint is to receive and process signals from sensors located in the apartment or throughout the territory. The operation of the alarm system is relatively simple thanks to modern solutions such as keypads, key fobs, cards and key fobs. Modern control panels can use a Wi-Fi network, which also makes it possible to communicate with the security system via mobile applications. Using the phone, you can program the alarm, as well as activate and deactivate the system. On the phone screen, you can also read information about the events that were recorded when the alarm was armed.

Types of sensors controlled by the control panel

Motion sensors are an important element of a security alarm system. Detectors using microwave or infrared light detect the presence of a person. They are installed at strategic points - at garage doors, entrance and balcony doors. When the alarm is on and the sensors detect movement, an audible alarm will sound. His task is to scare away the thief, warn the household and attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by. If the switch is connected to a GSM network, it can also automatically send you SMS notifications or notify the security company.

Also, sensors consisting of a magnet and a reed switch are often chosen. The elements are placed on the frames and sashes of windows and doors - when, as a result of their opening, the connection between these two parts is disrupted, the control unit turns on the alarm.

Alarm panel - how to choose?

Before choosing a control panel, consider the real risk of unwanted guests entering your premises. An advanced alarm system will come in handy, especially if your home is in the middle of nowhere or you live in an area that doesn't have a reputation for being safe.

After the decision to install an alarm is made, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on the factors that have a significant impact on the organization of security, and their type. These options include:

  • building location,
  • house shape,
  • the number and location of potential entry points, such as doors and windows,
  • fencing and landscaping around the building.

Home alarm - how much does it cost?

Alarm systems are currently quite a popular element of home or apartment equipment. This state of affairs is due to their easy availability in the market and affordable price. Simple motion sensors and reed switches are devices for any budget. A wireless burglar alarm control will probably be more expensive than a device that requires wires. The entire security system of a private house costs about PLN 2000.

Before you decide to buy an alarm, carefully consider where you plan to install the sensors. If you are unwilling or unable to run the cables that will connect the detectors to the control panel, a wireless system is the best solution. In turn, if you are just furnishing a house or apartment, you can opt for a wired system. Also pay attention to how the control panel communicates with the user.

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