How to protect the oil seals in the car from the winter?


Freezing seals in winter is a common and unpleasant problem. Hard to open front door and tailgate. Luckily, you only need a few cheap and readily available products to properly care for them. Read on to find out how to protect your car's seals from the winter.

How to protect the oil seals in the car from the winter?

The most commonly used protective gasket material among drivers is petroleum jelly. The fat contained in it protects them from freezing and at the same time increases resistance to friction. However, some complain about the unpleasant greasy coating that remains on the edges of the door. Just rub your clothes on it to form a stubborn stain. Moreover, he does not care about the seals of the car.

How to protect the seals in the car from winter, so that the doors open easily and at the same time protect them from damage? To do this, you will need silicone for gaskets. It is an odorless product that is easy to apply. It can be used all year round to increase elasticity and improve the appearance of rubber. The fillings treated in this way do not dry out, do not crack and function properly for all months. Silicone pencil or spray can withstand temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius.

How to deal with a frozen gasket?

Improperly fixed seals tend to freeze even at minus a few degrees. In such a situation, getting inside the car, unfortunately, becomes impossible. Then you should have a pocket de-icer with you. Apply it to the doorway and wait a few minutes before trying to open the car again.

If you don't have a de-icer, don't break the door. Hasty action can lead to breakage of the seal or the handle. Try to break the ice that prevents you from opening them. To do this, press the door, evenly distributing pressure over the entire surface. Repeat this several times until you notice changes.

Now you know how to protect car seals from winter. It is worth taking care of them all year round - it does not require too much work or money. On the other hand, improper handling can lead to problematic and costly malfunctions. A leaky vehicle is associated with foggy windows, reduced visibility, and moisture build-up, which can easily lead to mold and rust.

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