How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

Wheel bearings are one of the safety-critical components of a vehicle and ensure that the wheels spin with a low coefficient of friction. However, wheel bearings are subjected to heavy loads during every ride. Not only do they provide power transfer, but they also need to absorb a combination of forces from the vehicle's mass, acceleration, and resulting shocks. As a result, wheel bearings are regularly damaged and therefore must be replaced.

Wheel bearing: important for every car

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

Since wheel bearings must absorb and balance a huge amount of force , they are critical to safe driving. Defect A wheel bearing can quickly greatly reduce the vehicle's safety on the road and should be fixed as soon as possible.

If you notice signs of a bad wheel bearing , you should not drive your vehicle unless it is repaired, if possible. Therefore, it is important to quickly find suitable spare parts and then replace them. Also, if you continue to drive your car, it can lead to a significant increase in costs as other parts of the car will also be affected.

The wheel hub is often damaged as well. so it also needs to be replaced. This greatly increases the cost of repairs.

How to tell if a wheel bearing is damaged

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

Wheel bearing damage is very easy to recognize . There are several signs that you may notice while driving. There is another sign. Because a bad wheel bearing greatly increases tire drag, the vehicle's fuel consumption also increases significantly. So, if you are not noticing other signs, such as radio volume, you should be on your guard and check the wheel bearing if fuel consumption increases.

The following are the most important symptoms of a wheel bearing failure:

1. When cornering, you will hear a buzzing sound depending on the angle of the steering wheel.
2. In certain speed ranges, the wheel bearing is clearly audible.
3. When the tire wobbles, a slight movement is noticeable.
4. The affected wheel rotates with increased resistance and rubs against the surface.
5. Jack up the car. The affected wheel is very difficult to turn and makes a lot of noise.
6. You can determine the wheel bearing play when the car is jacked up.

Wheel bearing design

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions
  • Wheel bearing - one of the most loaded parts of the car. He lies directly on the wheel hub and ensures the smooth running of the wheels.
  • In addition, the wheel bearing absorbs forces acting directly on wheels .
  • As a rule, today the so-called roller bearings . These include ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.
  • The so-called bodies rolling are between two rings and are held in place with a retainer.
  • Lubricating oil between individual components reduces rolling resistance. If the wheel bearing is worn or defective, this grease will usually leak out.
  • Rolling resistance increases significantly, and in the worst case, the wheel bearing can overheat and seize.

For this reason, it is important to check this component regularly and replace it at the first sign of wear.

Workshop or do it yourself?

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

As with all safety-relevant vehicle parts, there is always the question of whether a replacement or ремонт carried out by you or a specialized workshop.

In the case of wheel bearings, it should be said that the replacement itself is not particularly difficult. As a rule, if you have already worked on your vehicle, you will be able to carry out the replacement yourself without any problems.

However, if you do not have the necessary tools or are unable to carry out the replacement yourself, you can always contact a suitable specialist workshop. Usually replacement in the workshop can be done within 30 minutes so don't count on too much. However, if desired you can also replace it yourself . Depending on the equipment of your own workshop it won't take long either .

Replacement tools

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

Wheel bearing replacement requires special tools. If you do not have them at hand, then replacement is hardly possible. In addition to the standard tools for working with a car, you will need:

- Set of wrenches
– torque wrench
- Possibility to lift the car with a jack
– Special hydraulic pump for extracting wheel bearings from their seat

Replacing wheel bearings step by step

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

Wheel bearings should always be replaced in pairs. . Since the same forces are constantly acting on the axle wheel bearings, a defect in one wheel bearing is a sufficient indication of wear in the other wheel bearing. Therefore, always replace both wheel bearings.

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions
1. Jack up the vehicle or place it on a lifting platform.
2. Remove wheels.
3. Remove the brake discs.
4. Check the exposed wheel bearing.
5. Using a special tool or a hydraulic pump, press the wheel bearing out of its seat.
6. Insert the new wheel bearing into the socket.
7. Attach the brake discs.
8. Install wheels.
9. Check the free play of the wheels with a new wheel bearing.
10. Check up smoothness of the course of tires.
11. Lower the vehicle again.

Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing a Wheel Bearing

How to replace a wheel bearing - step by step instructions

While wheel bearing replacement can be done quickly with the right tools, there are still a few mistakes to avoid.

The most common probably just replacing one wheel bearing. First, you will see that you also need to replace the second wheel bearing within a very short time. Secondly, such a replacement leads to an imbalance. This means that the wheel bearings are now subjected to different loads and a new wheel bearing can wear out much faster. For this reason it is important to always replace both wheel bearings at the same time. When replacing them also pay attention to the brake discs . They can also be checked during replacement and replaced if necessary.

Cost of a new wheel bearing

Depending on the car and its type, the cost of a wheel bearing can vary significantly. However, they usually range from 50 to 150 pounds per component.

The cost of replacement in the workshop can also vary and depends on the type of vehicle and the condition of the wheel bearing . If the bearing is already stuck, it will be much more difficult to remove it and therefore more expensive to replace.

Wheel bearing type also plays a role . Wheel bearings on drive wheels are often more difficult to replace and therefore significantly more expensive to repair.

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