How to replace engine mounts in a car?


Is it possible to place the engine on the frame of the car and screw it rigidly to its structure? Of course there is, but driving such a machine would not be very pleasant. Also, a rigid anastomosis may not work. Therefore, the designers understood that, as in the case of the body suspension, the engine must also have vibration damping. This role is performed by engine mounts, which are mounted in several places, depending on the advancement of the unit and its design. Here's what you need to know about the engine mounts in your car in order to recognize their failure!

How do engine mounts work?

As the name suggests, vibration dampening is the key to their operation. The engine mount is useful for starting and stopping the engine, accelerating, braking and cornering.. Due to the fact that there are several of them, the drive has adequate damping in all conditions and does not transmit them to the body. So it's really about how the driver and passengers feel while driving.

A broken engine mount in older models will give obvious signs in the form of knocks and unpleasant vibrations. In newer ones, especially those controlled by pneumatic or electromagnetic actuators, a message will appear on the dashboard.

Engine mounts - types of parts used in cars

The simplest, and not necessarily the worst, are the oldest known drivetrain cushioning solutions. They consist of a metal structure, rubber center and core that dampen vibrations and allow the motor to control tilt. Such engine mounts, depending on the specific manufacturer, usually cost several hundred zł each. When replacing them, you have to take into account the cost of 100-20 euros

A more advanced solution is oil engine mounts, i.e. hydraulic. They contain two chambers separated by a membrane. Under the pressure of the last element, the vibrations are damped. The oil flow can be controlled by built-in valves, which helps to adjust the damping of the unit in different driving conditions. In the case of an exchange, you have to expect a cost sometimes more than 30 euros

Most modern engine mounts are manufactured using electromagnetic oil flow control.. They are very complex in terms of design, but give the best results. They can be adapted to the specific settings of the car, which is necessary in individual driving modes. When replacing, you will usually have to spend several thousand zlotys.

Worn engine mount - symptoms to recognize

It is not always the case that the engine damping system suddenly fails. With a quiet ride and rational use of the vehicle, wear occurs gradually, so the human ear can get used to it. In addition, we must be honest that not everyone is sensitive to any knock coming from the car, and simply may not notice the changes.

It is much easier to see the need to replace engine mounts when operating a vehicle with a diesel engine or an odd number of cylinders. In such designs, the vibrations are extremely strong, despite the use of efficient balance shafts. First of all, you need a keen ear. But not only.

Engine mount - no symptoms heard

If your car doesn't have an advanced sensor-based damping system, you have to rely on your senses. These engine elements are easy to recognize not only by the sound, but also by the behavior of the unit. You need someone else to help you, unless your vehicle's fuel system is cable controlled. With the hood open, check how the engine reacts to a sharp increase in speed. Also try turning it off and on again a few times. Replacing the engine mounts will be necessary when the unit sticks out and vibrates much more than usual.

Damaged engine mount - how to replace?

The matter is not always easy. First of all, you need to find the engine mounts. While the top won't be a big issue, the bottoms and rears can cause some issues. So an air duct will be useful, and in some types of cars, an engine suspension will also be required. Therefore, if you do not have the appropriate equipment and skills, it is best not to replace the engine mounts yourself. Unless you know that one particular pad, like the top pad, has been damaged and you don't need to replace them all. Accessing it is easy and you can do it relatively quickly.

Engine mount replacement - service price

As you have already noticed, replacing these elements can be a bit problematic. So, how much does it cost to replace an engine mount from a specialist? If everything goes well and the mechanic does not encounter any difficulties along the way, the price of such a service will start from 5 euros per unit. When replacing these elements, it is also worth ordering at least an inspection of the gearbox mounts. Although these elements are not closely related, they can also negatively affect the driving experience. So, since you're already replacing the engine mounts, consider the gearbox ones as well.

Regeneration of engine mounts - does it make sense?

On the Internet, you can easily find companies that regenerate pillows for the engine and gearbox. The only question is whether, instead of replacing them with new ones, it is worth investing in the regeneration of existing ones. It is clear that such repairs will be less expensive than replacing with a new one. Ideally, you disassemble them yourself and send them to a specific place to re-implement later. Thanks to this, you will avoid additional costs for dismantling. Look for only those companies that will give you a warranty on the use of engine mounts for a certain period of time. Otherwise, it is better to replace them with new ones.

It is not recommended to drive with severely torn or worn engine mounts. In the end, some structural element may fail and the engine will change its position. And this is a really serious problem.

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