How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions
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How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

Changing the oil in a car is as necessary as it is expensive. For most vehicles, there is no need to visit the garage. With a little technical skill, you can change the gearbox oil yourself and save money. We will show you how easy it is to change the oil and what you should always pay attention to.

Why change gearbox oil at all?

How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

Oil is an essential lubricant in every vehicle, preventing friction in suspension and drive technology. . Metal parts are ubiquitous in the engine, heat up quickly and come into contact with each other. Without oil as a lubricant, wear would soon occur, resulting in serious damage to the gearbox. Gear oil prevents unwanted friction, extending the life of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, gear oil loses its effectiveness over time. Dust and dirt lead to the fact that the oil loses its qualities and characteristics in relation to combustion in the engine. In addition, there is a gradual loss of oil. This loss does not become apparent until the instrument panel warns of an engine oil leak, but must be monitored nonetheless.

Adding or changing gearbox oil

How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

The gearbox oil does not change as often as the engine oil. Where the latter needs to be changed every one to two years, gear oil is often added only once in the lifetime of the car . Contrary to popular belief, the following recommendation does not only apply to vehicles with a traditional manual transmission: if you have an automatic transmission, you should consider changing your transmission oil after a few years.

The addition of oil may be useful when greater oil loss is indicated. For example, this may reveal an inspection by an experienced auto mechanic. While driving, it may become apparent that there is too little oil in the gearbox and some oil needs to be added. This applies, for example, to unusual loud noises when shifting gears. The metal parts of the gearbox rub against each other, and the gear oil no longer performs its lubricating function properly. These symptoms can be caused not only by a lack of oil, but also by too old oil in the gearbox.

What oil is required?

How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

Gear oil has different criteria than engine oil. Under no circumstances should you use regular engine oil for your vehicle with a type designation such as 5W-30 etc.
Gear oil has a different international standardization.
In today's automotive industry, versions from GL-3 to GL-5 play an important role. Since the wrong choice of gear oil provokes breakdowns, it is necessary to inform yourself in advance about buying the right oil.

For example, vehicles with a GL-5 gear oil recommendation are not recommended to select a lower number as this increases wear.
On the other hand, there is too little friction if you choose a GL-5 gear oil if it is suitable for GL-3 or GL-4. This error can gradually damage the transmission.

Gearbox oil change and environment

How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

If you want to change the gearbox oil yourself, you need to apply the same disposal criteria as for engine oil. The drained oil is a chemical waste and should be taken to the appropriate recycling center in your city. Nowadays, every sane driver must act environmentally conscious, as garages are also required by law. Disposing of gear oil in another way, you risk a large fine.

Gearbox oil change
– everything you need to know in the review

When should it be changed?
– Depending on vehicle type
– Usually: once every five to eight years
– If there is noise or a malfunction in the gearbox
What kind of oil?
– Special gear oil, not engine oil
– Check if the oil matches GL-3 GL-5
How much does it cost?
– Price per litre: £8 to £17.
Benefits of changing your own oil
– cost savings compared to visiting a car repair shop
Disadvantages of self-changing oil
– Depending on the type of car a lot of work
– Individual responsibility for disposal of old gear oil

Gearbox Oil Change Guide - Step by Step

How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

You can read recommendations for changing the oil in the gearbox manually in the owner's manual for your car. He gives you tips on checking the level of that particular oil and where to find the gearbox oil drain plug. If you are not sure that you can properly change the oil, it is better to entrust it to the workshop. It can be assumed that changing the oil in the gearbox is somewhat more difficult than changing the oil in the engine.

Changing the oil in a manual transmission is somewhat easier. . When you have found the position of the drain plug, you can open it in the same way as in the engine oil crankcase and drain the old oil to the last drop. Since the plug is always located at the bottom of the gearbox, access to it can be difficult. Therefore, you will need a car lift for this job. A traditional car jack and similar tools are not enough to safely change gear oil.

How to change the oil in the gearbox? - Do it yourself - instructions

When you have drained the oil and screwed the plug on tightly, you add new oil. As a rule, there is a special screw on the side of the gearbox for adding oil. After topping up the oil, you will be able to use your car again relatively soon. For optimal transmission oil distribution, it is necessary to drive a couple of miles and change gear several times.

Changing the oil in an automatic transmission is much more difficult

why change gearbox oilThe benefits of changing the oil in the gearbox with your own handsDisadvantages of changing the oil in the gearbox with your own hands
In a car with an automatic transmission, changing the gearbox oil is more difficult. Depending on the design, automatic transmission oil can never be completely drained. A simple drain of the old oil and subsequent topping up is not applicable here. In the technology of a modern car, special gearbox flushes are carried out by auto repair shops, where the gearbox interior is thoroughly cleaned of old oil. Only then can you fill in new oil.
Private car owners do not have the necessary tools, so changing the oil in an automatic transmission is not a do-it-yourself job . Adding oil is still possible in case of gradual loss of oil over the years.
Also in the case of a manual transmission, changing the oil with your own hands without a car lift is difficult . Therefore, changing the transmission oil is recommended only for experienced motorists who have sufficient access to the transmission oil drain plugs.

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