How to replace the ignition coil? - Management

The ignition coil is critical to the engine. Defects in this part can quickly limit the functionality of the car. Therefore, it is very important to quickly find and fix the problem. We will show you how to replace the ignition coil and which items to pay special attention to.

The ignition coil and its function in the engine

How to replace the ignition coil? - Management

The ignition coil serves as a kind of transformer in the car and is responsible for igniting the fuel. . The ignition coil provides the necessary high voltage. The latter is led through the ignition cables to the spark plugs and ignites the fuel there.

The number of ignition coils in an engine depends on the make and model of the vehicle. In newer vehicles, one ignition coil is often responsible for two or even one cylinder. . This makes it even more difficult to determine which one is faulty.

How does the ignition coil work?

How to replace the ignition coil? - Management

The ignition coil consists of two wires wound differently around a laminated iron core. . When electric current flows through primary and secondary windings , an electromagnetic field is created in the ignition coil.

This makes it possible to generate the required high ignition voltage of approximately 30 volts. If the ignition coil is damaged, this process no longer continues. Thus, the required ignition voltage is no longer reached and the spark plugs driven by the ignition coil can no longer ignite the fuel.

Signs of a faulty ignition coil

How to replace the ignition coil? - Management

Finding a faulty ignition coil is often not easy. However, there are quite a few signs of malfunction of individual ignition coils in the engine. These include the following:

— Car starts regularly with difficulty . That is, it regularly does not ignite on the first try.

Engine runs out of sync and sounds unclean . Pay attention to engine noises regularly to distinguish between them.

The check engine light or the check engine light on the instrument panel comes on .

Why does the ignition coil fail?

Ignition coils are also among the wear parts of the car. . This is due to the constant use and resistance of spark plugs, which leads to signs of wear.

The more kilometers a car has run, the more likely it is that the ignition coil will fail. . However, a faulty ignition coil voltage supply or moisture can damage the ignition coil in the long run, leading to this failure as well.

Replace or replace?

As a rule, it is not necessary to take the car to the workshop to replace the ignition coil. Since in most cases they are very easy to reach, and the replacement of ignition coils, if desired, can be done quickly. The workshop also cannot charge an excessive amount of money for this work. If you already carry an ignition coil with you as a spare part, costs are often greatly reduced. . If you have the manual skills to replace it, this is a good way to save some money.

Replacing the ignition coil step by step

The replacement procedure may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. . However, the basic steps are the same for all makes and models. Just follow these instructions and spend some time .

How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • You are working on the electrical circuit of a car. Thus, it is vital that the battery remains completely disconnected from the electrical circuit.
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Now remove the engine cover. Separate tools may be required depending on the vehicle.
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Remove the cables from the ignition coil. If necessary, mark the cables or take a picture of the cable location on the ignition coil.
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Now unscrew and remove the ignition coil.
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Insert a new ignition coil
  • Screw the ignition coil
  • Reconnect the cables. Check the position of the cables. Make sure the cables are placed there correctly.
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Put on the engine cover
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Connect battery
  • Check the engine
  • The engine should start immediately and run much smoother. Only by sound will you be able to determine whether all cylinders are working again and the replacement was successful.

Pay attention to this when replacing

Despite the fact that replacing the ignition coil seems very simple and uncomplicated, However, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Always (!) disconnect the battery when working with car electronics.
  • The ignition coils are connected to the batteries, the ignition distributor and the spark plugs. Accurately mark all connections. Mistakes in reconnecting cables can result in non-functioning cylinders because the mixture of gasoline and air will not ignite. Thus, the replacement would remain meaningless. Use the opportunity to mark the connections or take a picture of the ignition coil with all cables connected. This way you will always have the correct picture in front of you.
How to replace the ignition coil? - Management
  • Important note: Ignition coils do not need to be replaced immediately . Unlike spark plugs, you can change ignition coils individually without any problems. However, this does not apply if your vehicle manufacturer or model of your vehicle is known to have faulty ignition coils. In this case, it makes sense to replace all ignition coils so that you do not deal with errors later.

Expected costs

How to replace the ignition coil? - Management

Ignition coils are not that expensive . Depending on the manufacturer and vehicle, you can expect 50 to 160 pounds for a new ignition coil. Even if you replace all ignition coils, the replacement cost will still be acceptable.

This is mainly due to the fact that expensive ignition coils are usually used for several cylinders at the same time, which reduces the number of ignition coils in the system. . At the same time, the cost of visiting the workshop is also within reasonable limits. Usually the work is worth it. from 50 to 130 euros . So, if you do not want or cannot replace the ignition coil yourself, a visit to the workshop remains financially justified.

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