How to choose motorcycle boots? Sports shoes or hiking shoes? Get to know their types!


It is not the stubbornness of manufacturers, but the desire to adapt shoes to the riding style and model of two-wheeled vehicle that is the reason that there are so many types of motorcycle shoes on the market. Motorcycle boots can provide basic or full protection for the foot, ankle, calf, and ankle. It all depends on which model you choose. Do you always have to choose the most expensive models? What type would be best for you? Find out which shoes you can choose from!

Women's and men's motorcycle boots - the main division

Of course, distinguishing shoes by the gender of a person sitting on a motorcycle is not the main criterion. In motorcycle shops, men's and women's motorcycle boots have their own subspecies. In each of the two types, the following shoe models are presented:

  • urban;
  • tourist (road-tourist, tourist enduro);
  • sports;
  • off-road.

We present their main characteristics.

Urban motobots - features

This is the basic type of footwear, which is characterized by the greatest comfort and a high level of ventilation. Motorcycle boots for urban riding are usually very low, and their construction ends just above the ankle. Therefore, they do not provide shin protection. These models include, for example, motorcycle sneakers, as well as textile and leather models with a sporty design. In such shoes, you can confidently go hiking to work or shopping, and then take a leisurely walk without the risk of tiring your foot.

Tourist motorcycle boots - model characteristics

These are instances with a higher top than urban models. As a result, they provide better shin protection and are more rigid. Therefore, they are very well suited for touring. They are so versatile that they can be used as chopper shoes as well as on motorcycle Road. Inside this category you will find road and touring models suitable for driving and not the longest walks. There are also elevated types that can be shoes. enduro.They have a very high top and reinforced rigid front construction.

Motorcycle sports shoes - no compromises

You can take to the track in these shoes without worrying about driving safety. Sports boots provide maximum protection against injuries to the ankle, toes, shin and have incredible rigidity. In principle, they do not allow almost any movement, which provides maximum protection for the foot. However, they are not universal. Apart from the treadmill, you will not put them on anywhere else, because of the very tedious putting on and taking off.

What shoes for off-road motorcycle, ie. the highest shoe in the rate

For those who say that size doesn't matter, in this case we have sad news - off-road motorcycle boots must be large. In addition to reaching almost to the knee, they provide the rider with more protection and stiffness. The sole is not flat, but its profiled tread allows you to take steady steps in mud or sand. In lighter textile options with moderate stiffness, you can walk for a while. However, if you are looking for a cross or quad bike shoe, look for rigid and fully rigid models.

Selection of special motorcycle boots for specific types of two-wheeled vehicles

If the above characteristics of shoes are not enough, we present specific models for different types of motorcycles.

What shoes to choose for a scooter?

Short motorcycle boots are suitable here. These include city bikes and shorter road bikes, which on the one hand provide very high riding comfort and on the other provide good ventilation, so that the feet can "breathe". However, they are not rigid and additionally reinforced, so the main thing here will be the protection of the foot.

Which chopper shoes to choose?

Lower road and tourist shoes will be appropriate here. Why? They have a very well profiled outsole with no extra tread. In addition, these are motor boots a little higher than urban ones and often made of leather. So in terms of style, they match choppers and are also suitable for hiking or relaxing on the trail.

Road shoes

Interestingly, tourist models will also come in handy here. They are so versatile that naked, custom or sport riding won't be a problem. They provide an average level of protection and at the same time are comfortable, which is conducive to traveling on long routes.

To be enduro and cross

There are no compromises here. Off-road riding requires very good foot stabilization due to frequent footholds and falls. The ground can be hard, muddy, rocky or loose. This increases the risk of ankle or ankle injury. Branches and other obstacles can hurt the shins, so off-road boots have a very high shaft.

Women's and men's motorcycle boots - the comfort and safety of a motorcyclist

Before buying yourself at home, you can determine what the length of your foot is. Measuring the insole is not too difficult and should not be difficult. To measure correctly:

  • lay a sheet of A4 paper on the floor so that one end touches the wall;
  • then put your foot on it straight with your heel against the wall;
  • mark the farthest point and add 0,5 cm to it.

Remember that motorcycle boots are in most cases much stiffer than regular shoes. Therefore, leave yourself a margin of 0,5 cm so that the leg can still fit inside, even if it swells.

Inexpensive motorcycle boots - is it worth it?

Some shops offer clothes, shoes and accessories for motorcycle boots from the budget category. Not price, but quality should speak when choosing the right model. So look for branded products that have a good reputation on the forums or among the bikers you know. An example is Harley-Davidson shoes, known for their exceptional durability and reliability. It is clear that this is already a product from a higher price range.

Motorcycle shoes should be chosen according to the terrain you are riding and adapted to the type of motorcycle. Don't look for the cheapest models. Take a good measurement of the sole, put the shoes on your feet and try to walk in it for a few minutes. Motorcycle boots should give you confidence with every step and at the same time be softly restrained, but without too much pressure. Happy searching and happy shopping!

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