How to increase engine power


Almost every car owner at least once in his life thought about how to make his car more powerful. Sometimes the reason for the question is not at all the desire to drive. Sometimes the situation on the road may require more "agility" from the car. And the brake pedal can not always save. For example, when overtaking or when you are late for an event.

Before looking at ways to increase engine power, it's important to understand that this process is accomplished in only two ways. The first is to increase fuel consumption. The second is to improve combustion efficiency.

How to increase engine power

So, you can improve the efficiency of the internal combustion engine in the following ways:

  • increase the volume of the motor;
  • increase the compression ratio of the fuel mixture;
  • perform chip tuning;
  • modify carburetor or throttle.

Let's consider all the methods in more detail.

Increase working volume

How to increase engine power

The simplest method in many situations - the more the better. Therefore, many self-taught mechanics solve the issue of power by increasing the volume of the internal combustion engine. This can be done by reaming the cylinders. When deciding on this procedure, it is worth considering several points:

  1. to increase the diameter of the cylinders must be performed by a specialist;
  2. after the completion of the tuning, such a car will be more voracious;
  3. after boring the cylinders, you will have to change the pistons with rings.

The volume of the motor can also be increased by replacing the crankshaft with an analogue with a larger amplitude.

How to increase engine power

In addition to wasting on repair work, this method has a couple more disadvantages. Altered torque can adversely affect the transmission. The car will become more responsive when you press the gas pedal. However, the efficiency of the motor will be lower.

Increase compression ratio

Compression ratio is not the same as compression. Although the descriptions are very similar terms. Compression is the pressure that is created in the combustion chamber when the piston reaches its highest point. And the compression ratio is the ratio of the volume of the entire cylinder to the combustion chamber. It is calculated using a simple formula: Vcylinder + Vchambers, the resulting amount is divided by Vchambers. The result will be the percentage of compression of the original volume of the fuel mixture. Compression only shows whether the components that contribute to the efficiency of combustion of the mixture (rings or valves) are in good order.

How to increase engine power

The purpose of the procedure is to reduce the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinders. Motorists do this in a variety of ways. Here are some of them.

  1. Using a cutter, the lower part of the cylinder head is evenly removed.
  2. Use a thinner cylinder head gasket.
  3. Replace flat bottom pistons with convex counterparts.

The benefits of this method are twofold. First, the engine power is increased. Secondly, fuel consumption is reduced. However, this procedure also has a disadvantage. Since the amount of mixture in the combustion chamber has become smaller, it is worth considering switching to a fuel with a slightly higher octane rating.

Chip tuning

How to increase engine power

This method is only suitable for vehicles with fuel injection systems. This option is not available to carburetors for a simple reason. They are supplied with gasoline using mechanical devices. And the injector is controlled by an electronic control unit.

To perform this operation, you must:

  1. proven software;
  2. skill in making settings;
  3. program suited to the characteristics of the motor.

There is no need to talk about the benefits of chip tuning and its disadvantages. This issue is discussed in detail in an article about chipping motors... However, the owner of the car must remember: any change in the settings of the electronic control of the engine systems can disable it.

After flashing the control unit, the motor can work with greater efficiency. In some cases, even the consumption of gasoline is reduced. But at the same time, the power unit develops its resource faster.

Carburetor or choke modification

How to increase engine power

Another way to improve engine efficiency is throttle upgrades, or MD tuning. Its goal is to "refine" the process of mixing gasoline and air. To complete the work you will need:

  1. drill, or screwdriver;
  2. drill bit (6 mm in diameter);
  3. fine sandpaper (grit from 3000 and finer).

The goal is to make small indentations (up to 5 millimeters in depth) in the area of ​​the closed throttle valve on the walls. Remove burrs with emery paper. What is the peculiarity of this tuning? When the damper is opened, air does not simply flow into the chamber. The selected chamfers create a small vortex in the chamber. Enrichment of the fuel mixture is more efficient. This leads to high-quality combustion and an increase in efficiency in the cylinder itself.


Not all powertrains respond properly to this refinement. Some ECUs are equipped with an air sensor, which regulates the fuel supply based on its quantity. In this case, you will not be able to "cheat" the system. In most cases, however, retrofits result in up to 25 percent savings in consumption. The savings are due to the fact that you do not need to press the gas pedal to the floor to increase power.

How to increase engine power

The disadvantages of this tuning are high sensitivity to pressing the accelerator. The problem is that the minimal opening of the damper initially creates a small gap. And in the finalization, in addition to the vortex, more air immediately enters. Therefore, at the slightest press of the gas, the feeling of "afterburner" is created. This is just the first effort. Further pedal travel is almost identical to the previous settings.


The article lists just some of the possibilities for increasing motor power. There are also improvements using zero air filter, boost, thermostat settings and unlocking the rev limiter.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the motorist himself must determine what risks he is willing to take.



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