How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?


During operation, the motorist cares not only for the technical health of his car. A lot of time is spent on the beauty of a car - polishing the body, cleaning the interior, dust on the dashboard.

In the process of cleaning on the plastic elements of the torpedo, scratches are often detected. Where do they come from? How to get rid of them? That's what the experts say about this.

Types of Plastic Damage

How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?

It is not possible to list all situations that affect the appearance of the panel. However, all its damage can be divided into four types.

  1. Scuffs. These are small stains that are easily masked by wet cleaning. When the surface dries, damage is noticeable again. They appear due to friction on objects with a denser structure, for example, a keychain. Using the wrong rags will also give such an effect over time.
  2. Scratches. They have a deeper structure. Appear due to inaccurate use of objects with sharp edges inside the cabin. For example, a screwdriver during interior repair.
  3. Chips. They are the most difficult to eliminate. It is better if the breakaway piece is preserved.
  4. Cracks. Appear due to hitting the panel. Sometimes they are almost invisible.

Basic Scratch Removal Methods

Given the nature of the damage, methods for their removal will be different. Each of the methods listed below is effective for its type of scratch.

All types of repair work are divided into two categories. The first fills the formed crack with a foreign substance. The second affects the structure of the plastic itself and deforms it.

Hair dryer

How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?

The first method that will help remove damage is surface treatment with a building hairdryer. A professional tool heats the air to the melting temperature of the plastic.


Before repair, the surface of the torpedo must be thoroughly cleaned of dust and stubborn dirt. At elevated temperatures, plastic deforms and retains heat. Therefore, to complete the procedure, it is important to immediately cool the treated area. Otherwise, this site will look even worse than it was before the repair.

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Open fire

How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?

A similar principle is the removal of damage with open flame. It is suitable for emergency cases when there is no hairdryer at hand. The flame from the lighter is held along the damage and allowed to cool.

It is especially effective when chipping parts. The resulting emptiness can be repaired by heating a separated piece over the fire. Plastic elements with a homogeneous structure are firmly interconnected. And this does not need glue.

The procedure also requires accuracy. It is better to hold the breakaway part not with fingers, but with tweezers. This will protect against burns. This procedure should be performed once. If the scratch is not immediately fixed, you should go to another method.

Polishing plastic

How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?

Minor scuffs and small scratches can be eliminated with a special polishing paste. Do not confuse body polishing agent and plastic interior parts. It is important to carefully read the composition of the paste. It should not contain large abrasives.

The cleaned area should be covered with a small amount of the agent, evenly distributing it over the treated area. After 5-10 minutes, when the paste is slightly dried, you can start polishing.


The work must be performed in circular motions with a small amplitude. So the voids formed will be completely filled. After the plaque disappears, the panel can be washed. 

Pencil for plastic

How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?

In contrast to the above methods, the use of a pencil for plastic is the safest. Its chemical composition does not alter the structure of plastics. The principle of operation is similar to the previous tool - it closes microcracks.

Recovery markers are filled with a liquid that solidifies and hardens upon contact with air. After application for damage, wait for the time indicated on the bottle. Then the excess funds are eliminated in a circular motion using microfiber.

Overhaul of plastic

How to remove scratches on plastic in the cabin?

Do not expect that scratches can be dealt with only by the above methods. There are such damages that cannot be repaired with a standard remedy. In this case, a major overhaul is required. This is a painting.

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This method is very laborious. To carry out repairs, all workpieces must be removed. If you need to eliminate deep defects, then before painting, you need to close them with putty.

It is important to use aerosols specially designed for working with plastic as a primer and base coat. Otherwise, due to the chemical reaction, the part will deteriorate and will have to be thrown away.

Common questions:

How to polish plastic? It is better to choose a tool based on the recommendations of a master who has experience in performing such work. If there is no way to consult, then an excellent tool is GOI paste. It has 4 grains. Index 1 is for creating a glossy surface.

Plastic recovery agent. In addition to the GOI paste, which allows you to gently sand the damage, there are other means of restoration. This is a polish for plastic. This product can have a different composition. You need to choose an option based on the degree of damage.

The best plastic restorer. For black plastics, the SONAX Kunststoff Neu Schwarz is ideal. One of the most popular restorers for colored plastic is Lavr Polish & Restore Anti-Skratch E.

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