How to drain fuel from the tank


Sooner or later, any motorist is faced with the need to quickly drain fuel from a gas tank into another container. Fuel for vehicles is not a cheap product. Therefore, it is important to carry out the procedure correctly so as not to lose a drop of the precious liquid.

There may be several reasons for this procedure. The most common are listed below.

  • Low-quality fuel got into the tank
  • The need to share gasoline with someone
  • Gas tank repair

When it becomes necessary to drain fuel from the tank

How to drain fuel from the tank

After buying the first car, an inexperienced driver needs to get used to the timely maintenance of his vehicle. And the first thing to learn is to control fuel consumption.

The same story often happens to newcomers on the road. It seems that he was refueling quite recently, but the gasoline ran out abruptly. Fortunately, on the way, you can still meet a "good Samaritan" who will help and share the necessary amount of fuel.

The second reason for the need to drain gasoline is poor-quality consumables. Modern gas stations, in the desire to attract more customers, add various additives to the diluted fuel. For some cars, they are of no use. The car either does not start, or often stalls, or is unstable. In this case, the motorist takes drastic measures - changes the fuel mixture.

Methods for draining gasoline

During the Soviet era, it was often possible to observe a picture of a driver taking part of the fuel into a separate container. In those days, it "poured like a river", so thrifty motorists bleed it from the working machine into their tank. And then they used it to refuel their car.

Beginners often wonder how to properly drain gasoline. There are two ways.

Method 1

How to drain fuel from the tank

The most common way is to use a hose. Such a process was often observed at a time when grandfathers and fathers ruled the Soviet classics. One end goes into the filler neck, and the other into the canister.

For the fuel to start flowing out, a vacuum must form inside the tube. The easiest way to do this is to suck the air out with your mouth. When the gasoline starts flowing, simply dip the tube into the container. Then physics will do its job.

When the required amount of liquid has been withdrawn, the container is raised above the level of the filler neck. The fuel will stop running. This will prevent the driver from spilling it to the ground.

How to drain fuel from the tank

A more humane way of draining is the use of special fuel suction units. Their principle of operation is the same. With the help of a rubber bulb, the driver creates a vacuum in the hose, and takes the volume necessary for this situation.

Method 2

If the car owner has a foreign car, the first method will not always help. The fact is that many modern cars are equipped with fuel drain protection. Therefore, it is not possible to lower the hose into the tank.

In this case, the car must be parked on an overpass (for greater convenience). There is a drain plug at the lowest point of the gas tank. It is needed to remove foreign objects from the tank. It can be rust, or debris that accidentally got inside when refueling a car.

It is worth considering that during the procedure, gasoline can spill out uncontrollably. Therefore, unscrew the plug carefully. And raise the container as close as possible to the drain hole.

Precautionary measures

How to drain fuel from the tank

Each method is convenient for different cases. The first option is ideal in situations where you need to pick up a small amount of fuel. However, it will not allow the tank to be completely emptied. In case of tank repair or replacement, it is worth using the second method.

When performing a drain, the driver must take into account that this procedure is quite dangerous. Here's what you can do to avoid getting hurt.

In the first situation, the owner of the car will have to move the tank filler valve. This is easily done with a flat screwdriver. However, it is important to ground it. This will prevent sparks from occurring on contact with an electrified car body.

Health hazard

How to drain fuel from the tank

When draining through a drain plug, a common problem is fuel getting into the eyes. Therefore, it is imperative to use safety glasses. And a long stay on cold ground is fraught with serious illness. In view of this, work should not be performed during the cold season.

Using the "old-fashioned" method, motorists often run the risk of swallowing a small amount of oil product. In addition to an unpleasant taste in the mouth, gasoline and diesel fuel are poisonous to the human body. Therefore, it is better to use a rubber bulb with a hose for the fence.

Regardless of the chosen method of draining, everyone should take care of their body. Therefore, precautions should come first. Even if the job needs to be done quickly.



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