How to make a winter washer? Check it out now and get the recipe


Homemade washer fluid can be a great help if you can't find it anywhere in your area. Also a good experiment! Such a substance will help you not only clean the windows in winter, but also dissolve the ice that can settle on them. However, it is important to replace it before the onset of frost! Learn how to make a winter washer fluid that's as effective as store-bought and saves money!

Homemade washer fluid - is it worth it?

Homemade washer fluid can be a good solution, but it's not always recommended. You should only use it in an emergency. If you can afford to buy a professionally prepared product, it will almost always be the best choice. Their formulas are carefully crafted to take care of the glass and prevent streaks. This will increase driving comfort and make driving more comfortable. 

If you are not using everything at once, you can conveniently store it in a dry place, which can be difficult with a homemade product. Of course, remember that when buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of the goods! But sometimes you don't have a choice. Therefore, you should know how to make a winter washer fluid.

Winter washer fluid - more than one action

Before you learn how to make winter washer fluid, you need to understand that it has more than one use. Of course, you can pour it into a container and use it like any other liquid. However, in severe frosts, it can be a help! 

The composition of such a product contains alcohol, which has a lower freezing point than water. That is why he can be in the car during frosts. This also means that it can melt ice on windows or locks. A recipe for winter washer fluid is also a recipe for homemade de-icer, which, for example, will help you get into the car if necessary.

How to make winter washer fluid - recipe

Making winter washer fluid is easy, but you need to have a few ingredients on hand. Two of them are almost certainly in your home. The first is water, which is the basis for it, and therefore the largest part. 

The second product is dishwashing liquid. This is usually found in homes, even those with a dishwasher. If you don't have it, you can buy it in almost every store. It only costs a few zlotys. 

The last thing you need is 70% isopropyl alcohol. It is he who will keep the product from freezing. You can also add some vinegar slurry, which will further lower the liquid's freezing point.

How to make winter washer fluid step by step

When everything is ready, you can start mixing! 

Pour about 4 liters of water into a container, then mix it with one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Do not overdo it! The liquid should not give too much foam. 

Then add a glass of alcohol to the mixture, as well as a small amount of vinegar. Mix thoroughly. Ready! 

Preparing the liquid will not take you much time. However, remember to use cool water and cover the liquid as soon as possible, for example by pouring it into a bottle. It is very important! Alcohol evaporates very quickly! Since you already know how to make winter washer fluid, you should also be aware that if you leave the container open overnight, the fluid will lose most of its properties!

Washing fluids are getting more expensive every year

More and more drivers are wondering how to make winter washer fluid, because these are simply more expensive. For about 5 liters, you will pay at least PLN 15, and these costs are only increasing. Homemade fluid is a good idea if you have multiple vehicles and use them frequently. 

However, do not forget that homemade liquid does not pass any tests. If you want to take care of your vehicle and its condition, just try to avoid such decisions. This will surely extend the life of your vehicle.

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