How to choose the right car floor mats


It would seem that it could be easier than choosing the right accessory for your car. The key factor in this case is the preferences of the vehicle owner. However, car floor mats are more than just an accessory that completes a car's interior.

In fact, this decorative element performs an important function.

  • First, it protects the carpeted floor. When driving, the driver always puts his feet on the heel. Shoes with coarse heels wipe away textiles quickly. This creates holes in the flooring. And any hindrance to the feet of a motorist is fraught with an emergency. The rugs are easier to replace than the base mat.
  • Secondly, they facilitate the cleaning process. It is enough to take it out of the car and drive it out.
  • Thirdly, they protect the floor from rusting. When it rains or in winter, a lot of moisture gets into the car. Most of all - from the shoes of the driver and passengers. Water absorbed into the upholstery is difficult to completely remove. Therefore, the metal part of the body will inevitably oxidize.

Types of car mats

How to choose the right car floor mats

All auto carpets are divided into three categories.

  • Appointment. This category includes models in the salon and in the trunk. The first category is more prone to wear and tear. Therefore, they must be made of a more durable material. The option for the trunk must be selected based on the operating conditions of the car. If the car often carries different loads, then this coating should be as strong as possible.
  • Model. There are only two carpet models. These are universal and made for a specific car. In the first case, there is a high probability that such a model will not be able to qualitatively protect the floor from moisture and dirt. Universal carpets are always either less than the required size, or vice versa - more.
  • Material.

Types of carpets by material of manufacture

Car accessories manufacturers offer 3 types of floor mats. These are rubber, polyurethane and textile. Their selection also depends on the operating conditions of the car. Here are their main pros and cons.

Rubber car mats

How to choose the right car floor mats

Classic flooring. They also fall into several categories. The first one is standard, shallow (up to 1,5 centimeters) models. The second is made in the form of a bath, the side of which is much higher (about 3 cm).

Advantages of the rubber option:

  • cheap;
  • easy to clean.


  • have an unpleasant odor;
  • dubbed in the cold;
  • large weight (the set, depending on the model, can tighten more than 5 kg.);
  • have only black color.

Models made according to Eurostandard have a grid. It prevents water from collecting in one part of the mat. Thanks to this, even a small side is able to keep it inside the pallet.

Polyurethane car mats

How to choose the right car floor mats

They are made from a rubber-like material. However, they have improved properties:

  • less weight;
  • do not change their elasticity with decreasing temperature;
  • do not have an unpleasant odor;
  • more options suitable for different brands of cars;
  • extended colors (gray, beige and black).

This category of car mats has only one drawback - their prices are slightly higher than their rubber counterparts.

Textile car mats

How to choose the right car floor mats

Some motorists believe that the pile material is practical exclusively for cars that are used in large cities. In fact, it does a great job with a lot of moisture. Some models can absorb up to two liters of water.

Pros of this type of material:

  • absorbs moisture;
  • equipped with polyurethane or metal thrust bearing;
  • sand on the surface does not scratch the product;
  • lighter than polyurethane.

Among the disadvantages:

  • after washing, they require drying (up to 30 minutes);
  • require frequent cleaning;
  • the pile is quickly wiped off.

Textile models are also divided into two categories: pile and regular fabric. The former can be used all year round because the pile retains moisture well. Regular rugs are recommended for use only in dry weather.

So which rugs to choose?

How to choose the right car floor mats

There is no hard and fast rule in this matter. The motorist can choose a rug that is more suitable for the operating conditions of the car. Better to select a reliable model.

A mat in which there are rubber spikes on the back side and a thrust pad on the front is considered to be of high quality. The spikes will prevent the carpet from sliding across the floor. The foot pad will prevent premature wear of the product.

For those who value aesthetics, textile models are suitable. For connoisseurs of reliability and practicality, rubber or polyurethane options are ideal.

A detailed overview of all types of rugs in the next video.

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