How to clean leather car seats properly


The key to health is cleanliness. And this truth concerns the order in the car. Any driver who respects himself and his passengers will not only take care of the car driving. It is unpleasant for anyone to sit on a chair with huge spots.

If fabric covers are cleaned in a washing machine, then leather car seats require more attention. When choosing a cleaning method, it is important to consider the following:

  • Skin type.
  • The composition of the product.
  • The nature of the pollution.

Here's what it takes to clean the leather interior.

Seat inspection

How to clean leather car seats properly

It is important to visually inspect the seat before starting cleaning. Is the material complete? Is it damaged? For example, scratches or cuts. If there is, then through them liquid substances can seep onto the foam rubber. In this case, a wet chair inside will remind of itself for a long time.

It is also important at this stage to determine the type of surface to be treated. If it is perforated, then fluids must be used in limited quantities. Otherwise, the effect will be the same. In addition to the discomfort of a trip, chemicals can damage the soft seat pad. Or, moisture accumulated in the polyurethane foam forms mold. Then you will have to completely disassemble the seats to fix the problem.


How to clean leather car seats properly

Avoid using powerful cleaning agents right away. Before using them, it is necessary to remove dust and small debris. He is constantly hammered into the gap between the back and the seat itself.

Pre-cleaning will prevent new stains from forming during the cleaning process. Removing the dirt will help determine what to do next.

Vacuum cleaning

How to clean leather car seats properly

The vacuum cleaner will help remove debris from the gaps between the elements of the car seat. For such a procedure, you must use a regular household appliance. Car models are often underpowered. Therefore, they are ineffective for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Also, you should not use a washing vacuum cleaner to perform the procedure. He will only increase the amount of work, leaving behind additional divorces.

Pre-wet cleaning

How to clean leather car seats properly

Sometimes, to remove stains, it is enough to wipe the interior skin with a wet rag. Wet pre-cleaning will help you identify areas that require special attention.

This procedure is performed as follows. The rags must be straightened so that it occupies an area larger than the palm. Swipe over the seat or back with one even sweep. Perform each subsequent movement with the clean side of the fabric. At this stage, you cannot drive it from side to side. Otherwise, you can enlarge the stain. Or add a new one.

The main step is to apply the cleaning agent to the surface

Most automotive detergents are sold in spray bottles. Such a container will facilitate the dosage of liquid on the treated surface. The chair can be cleaned with either a cloth or a clothes brush. It all depends on the nature of the pollution and the place of its formation.

Cleaning with rags

How to clean leather car seats properly

If the stain is heavily eaten in, you should not leave auto chemistry to "sour". Paint can also be removed with dirt. Then nothing can be washed off the stain. For stubborn dirt, it is better to repeat the procedure after completely removing the agent from the chair. If the applied chemistry can be left for a while, this will be indicated on the container label.

Cleaning with the main cleaner is as follows. With a rag, circular movements are performed along the treated area. If no foam forms in the process, then there is too much dirt. In this case, remove the used product with a clean, damp cloth. The procedure is repeated.

Using the brush

How to clean leather car seats properly

For the best effect, the stain can be cleaned with a soft brush. The villi penetrate deeper and remove stubborn dirt from the seams. It is imperative that they are natural bristles. Then the risk of scratching the product will be minimal.

Soft skin does not tolerate large mechanical stress in a small area. Therefore, do not press the brush too hard, thinking that cleanliness depends on the force of friction. This is akin to using abrasive powders and pastes.


How to clean leather car seats properly

At first glance, a simple procedure has some subtleties. Here's what those who have gained experience in cleaning tough soils advise.

  1. The salon must be washed with microfiber. She does not leave streaks.
  2. The vacuum cleaner should have a soft brush. This will not scratch the skin.
  3. After using chemicals, the skin needs to be protected. This requires a PH-neutral (water-based) conditioner. So it will not crack.
  4. Before you start cleaning the chair, test the effect of the cleaning liquid on an area that is invisible. For example, this is the back of the back of the rear sofa.

As you can see, caring for leather car seats is not an easy task. But a properly performed procedure will help keep the salon in perfect condition.



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