How to open a frozen lock in a car?

On a winter morning, rushing to work, you may have an unpleasant surprise, namely a frozen lock in the car door. You can prepare ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress. First, you have to get out of the house a little earlier so you don't be late for work, and second, you can use simple tools to help you get into your car.

Things you need:
* Typical zipper de-icer (preferably small, pocket-sized),
* Lighter,
* Plastic bottle with boiling or hot water,
* Dryer - optional
How to open a frozen lock in a car?
Heat the metal part of the key with a lighter and try to put it in a frozen lock when hot. Of course, if you have a de-icer lock, you don't need to heat the key.
If you manage to insert the key, but you still cannot open the lock, reheat it with the cigarette lighter, insert it into the lock, and slide the key right and left to unfreeze the lock inside.

Try heating the key again and repeating the action until the lock is successful, that is, until the lock inside freezes and becomes free.
How to open a frozen lock in a car?
You can try to defrost the lock by placing a plastic hot water bottle on top of it. Instead of a bottle, a hot water bottle with boiling water will be even better.

If you don't have a de-icer, cigarette lighter, or hot water bottle, try putting your finger on the lock for a few minutes, maybe enough heat from your finger to open it.

If all this did not help, then the last and rather the only option is to order the arrival of specialists who are engaged in autopsy right on the spot. This option, of course, costs money, but believe me, it will be better than if you smash the door lock and then you have to fix it. The craftsmen do everything quite accurately and efficiently, so that the mechanism continues to work normally after it is defrosted. Believe me, it's cheaper to provide this to specialists than to buy a new lock. Therefore, think carefully before forcibly trying to open your car using "folk" methods.

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