How to buy your first motorcycle


Who of the guys is not familiar with the desire to ride the streets not on a bicycle, but on something more serious. Even as schoolchildren, they asked their parents to buy a bike. A motorcycle, even a broken one. When the guy's capabilities begin to coincide with his desires, he begins to think about how to make his dream come true.

Which motorcycle to choose?

How to buy your first motorcycle

Before proceeding with the choice, it is worth figuring out: why is it needed at all? One mobile vehicle is required for commuting to work. Another wants to get more adrenaline. Someone is looking for transport for the soul. There are those who value status in society.

First of all, a biker is a new road user. Therefore, transport must be serviceable and safe both for the driver himself and for those around him. Many motor riders' careers end before they can start due to overvalued financial capabilities. I bought a broken machine, but there is no money to fix it. And so the lonely wanderer rotted away in the barn.

What are the criteria for choosing your first motorcycle?

The proposed motorcycle must meet the following criteria. The road on which the horse will run. Suitable size of motorcycle. Driving mode. Landing of the driver.

Terms of Use. On a flat road, a device with a rigid suspension will be practical. It will not let the transport swing at high speed. This will make it easier for the rider to hold the bike. For unpaved surfaces, you will need soft long-travel shock absorbers. On such a motorcycle, the driver will not shake his spine in his pants.

How to buy your first motorcycle

Sometimes on the road you can see a huge motorcycle and some little man on it. It's scary to even imagine how he would park it, say, at a store. When picking up your first motorcycle, it is extremely important to realistically assess your physical capabilities. In order not to have to ask a hefty passer-by to help start.

A heavy horse is not so nimble and convenient in case of frequent trips around the city. But a smaller device will save the courier in a traffic jam. It's hard for a beginner to get used to gear shifting right away. Therefore, from the practical point of view, it would be worth choosing a less sophisticated device. For the high-speed mode, a newly-made crunch is suitable for a model that can pick up the desired pace for the right time without harm to the motor.

For long trips, classic transport is not the best option. A vertical landing without backrests after travel will require exercise therapy. Such driving will quickly get bored.

New or used?

How to buy your first motorcycle

The lion's share in this case is played by the financial capabilities of the beginner. If you have the means to purchase a model in the salon, then this has its advantages. For example, the warranty allows only specialists to intervene in vital components. Thanks to this, the chances of harm to the equipment due to amateurish service are minimized. On the other hand, equipment purchased from the secondary market is not so scary to scratch or hit.

But you should not immediately rush to the selection of used equipment just because of its cost. This has its own reefs. And the most essential is the conventional concept "on the go". Rarely will the owner of a vehicle invest in making everything work in it before the sale. The main thing is driving - in the secondary car market, this is the main meaning of the expression "sat down and went".

Therefore, when deciding whether the first "horse" will be new or used, it is important to determine what the rider is ready to compromise on. Or it will be wasted on the maintenance of equipment in specialized workshops. Or it will be a loss of time and money for the shed repair of the local "kulibin".

Types of motorcycles

What apparatus should one choose who knows for sure that he does not need a Russian-made designer? Among the wide variety of models, four main categories can be distinguished. Here are their features.


How to buy your first motorcycle

It's always a heavy touring bike. Therefore, the prospective rider needs to be in good shape. These bikes are clumsy. But for a beginner, this is a great option. The name of the cruiser is associated with measured driving. Those who stop on this type of motorcycle are less likely to get into accidents.

However, a heavy horse with a low stance is not always an easy start. The fact is that custom options created by private workshops, most often for a debutant, are a direct route to the hospital. Such models have a unique design, sometimes pretentious and impractical. It takes some experience to ride them.

A beginner conqueror of the two-wheeled world should pay attention to the following devices of this class. Harley-Davidson CVO Brearout, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom, Yamaha XVS950A. These models unleash their potential during slow acceleration without jerking and dynamic acceleration when overtaking.


How to buy your first motorcycle

Fans of an increased level of adrenaline will love this category of motorcycle transport. However, a beginner should be extremely careful when riding such a technique. This class of motor vehicle is ideal for fast driving in a straight line. But in the city, he will become more of a problem than an assistant.

Lightweight sportbikes are very fragile. Repairing a horse after another attempt to overcome the force of gravity will cost the pilot a pretty penny. Models of this type cannot be equipped with safety bars.

If the decision was made to choose a sporty option as the first bike, the first season could take a closer look at the following models. Aprilia RS4 125 has moderate power and positive agility. Another popular option is the Kawasaki Ninja 300. A striking motorcycle with ABS and road transport characteristics.


How to buy your first motorcycle

An ideal option for a beginner horse riding enthusiast is an all-terrain one. Along with the increased off-road cross-country ability, the models cope well with city traffic. In this class, you should pay attention to the simpler options. The cooler the bike, the more difficult it is to operate in standard traffic.

Among the representatives of the class in the category "for beginners" - KTM 690 EnduroR. These options are created exclusively for those who like to drive on a bumpy track. But among them there are less whimsical models of the budget category, for example Lifan LF200 gy-5.


How to buy your first motorcycle

Perhaps the most popular motor vehicle among beginners is the scooter. Small dimensions, minimal fuel consumption, relatively inexpensive repairs are just some of the reasons to buy a motorcycle of this class.

It will take little time to learn how to operate such a horse. It lacks a gearbox. Among the representatives of the family there are worthy models - Honda PCX150, Vespa GTS Super 300 I.E.

Preparation: the right equipment

How to buy your first motorcycle

The last thing a beginner should take care of is the equipment. The main thing that needs to be emphasized is practicality.

Gloves, pants and jacket must be made of quality leather, not a substitute. After all, these elements take on the main load in the fall. Even at a low speed of the "crunch" flight, the road surface becomes a real grater for vegetables.

The boots should be comfortable not only on the bike, but also when walking. The helmet must be selected not only for the style of transport, but also for the level of danger. And in the case of a first-season, it's always a red mark.

These professional tips will help beginners enjoy learning how to drive a two-wheeled horse and fall in love with the romance of open transport.



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