How often do you need to & # 171; blow & # 187; engine at high revs?

Engine cleaning guarantees fewer problems and extends service life

The engine of each car has its own resource. If the owner drives the vehicle correctly, then his units react in the same way - they are rarely damaged and their shelf life is increased. However, correct operation is not only correct operation.

How often do you need to & # 171; blow & # 187; engine at high revs?

In this case, the condition of the engine plays a very important role. Over time, soot accumulates on its walls, which gradually affects the main parts. Therefore, cleaning the engine is a very important procedure that leads to a longer engine life. This applies even to small units that also need to be cleaned.

If the driver is counting on a quiet movement, plaque forms on the walls inside the unit and therefore experts recommend from time to time to "blow" the engine at high revs. However, not all owners are aware of this. Many of them maintain 2000-3000 rpm when driving, which does not help the bike. It retains deposits and cannot be cleaned by washing or adding additives to the fuel.

For this reason, the engine must be started periodically at maximum speed, but for a short time. This helps to remove all deposits accumulated in the engine, and the main advantage of this approach is that there is no need to remove and repair the unit itself. Refusal of such a simple procedure leads to a decrease in compression. As a result, dynamics decreases and oil consumption increases.

How often do you need to & # 171; blow & # 187; engine at high revs?

Setting the engine to maximum speed has several reasons. First, the pressure in the engine itself increases., which leads to instant cleaning of clogged channels. Due to the increased temperature in the combustion chamber, accumulated scale also falls.

Experts recommend starting the engine at high revs. Approximately 5 times per 100 km (when driving on a long road, this may be less frequent, since this occurs only when overtaking). However, the engine must be warmed up first. However, in the case of gasoline units with an average operating power, it should periodically reach 5000 rpm, and it is very important to control the temperature and maintain balance. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.



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