How often to change the timing belt? When should the timing belt and engine timing chain be replaced? How long does it take and how much does a timing belt replacement cost?


Wondering how often a timing belt needs to be replaced? The timing belt is a key element to the operation of the vehicle and it is in our interest to keep it in the best possible condition. How often should the timing chain and its remnants be replaced? How much does it cost to install a new belt in this item?

This design is responsible for supplying fuel to the engine and the subsequent emission of exhaust gases from it. Check how often it should be replaced so that the machine does not fail.

How are the distribution mechanism and its components arranged in a car?

Timing has a rather complex structure. The most important fact for the average user is that it has a belt or chain drive. This is key information in the context of timing belt durability. In theory, solid chains are a much better solution because they last longer. They were mainly used a few decades ago, which is where the belief came from that in old cars they were almost armored. They lasted even after several hundred thousand kilometers. However, over time, manufacturers began to use belts instead of chains, and the strength of the system fell sharply.

Currently, these solutions are interchangeably used in various engines, and the design of the gas distribution mechanism and its mechanism depends on the type of engine, as well as specific design assumptions. The important difference for you is that switching to a new system in a diesel engine should be treated a little differently than switching to a gasoline engine.

How often to change the timing belt? When should the timing belt and engine timing chain be replaced? How long does it take and how much does a timing belt replacement cost?

Other important timing system components that can lead to failure are:

  • belt or chain tensioner
  • camshaft or crankshaft
  • chapter,
  • timing drive,
  • Pump.

Regular timing belt replacement - is it necessary?

Cyclic replacement of major working parts of a car is very important if you want to avoid subsequent very expensive repairs. The question of how often this should be done is very important in this context. Drivers understand that a damaged system means high repair costs and complete immobilization. car. The approach of drivers to this critical part of the engine is very different. Some underestimate the need for regular checking of timing, while others do it very often with due attention. Regardless of your approach, it is worth knowing after how many km the timing belt should be replaced, and above all timing belt. The price can be high, but more on that later.

How often to change the timing belt?

Before we get to the point, let's provide some information about what the distribution mechanism is responsible for. This part controls the valves of the engine, which in turn are responsible for the flow of the fuel mixture into the cylinders. Considering how this process proceeds from the technical side, in the event of a sudden damage to the system while driving, at least several engine components will inevitably be damaged. Therefore, you should know how often the timing belt needs to be replaced.

When to change the timing belt?

An unambiguous determination of how many kilometers it is necessary to replace this element with a new one turns out to be difficult due to different operating conditions, as well as the different service life of this element in different models. The basis should always be the recommendations of the manufacturer, who tries to specify these data as accurately as possible. However, such information can differ not only between brands, but also between individual models and even years of production. With each new version of this model, the engine may have a slightly different design.

How often to change the timing belt? When should the timing belt and engine timing chain be replaced? How long does it take and how much does a timing belt replacement cost?

Information about how many kilometers the timing belt is replaced in a particular model is always indicated in the service book. If you don't have it, you can always check this information in the official catalogs on the Internet. It is worth doing this, and not relying on general recommendations, which can often differ slightly from the manufacturer's assumptions, if only because of the possibility of finding simply unreliable information. In this matter, rely on the official data of a particular manufacturer.

How long does it take to change a timing belt in a car?

Replacing a timing belt is not a difficult task, especially for experienced professionals. In the case of simple structures, everything will be ready in two or a maximum of three hours. However, one cannot help but wonder how long it takes to replace this element with a new one if it is necessary to remove the engine? Everything is not so simple here. Then the process can take about two to three business days. It may also take more time to work on other elements of this system, such as replacing the timing drive.

How often to check the condition of the timing chain and is it possible to avoid damage to this part?

An experienced mechanic can pre-diagnose the state of the valve timing. It is impossible to do this accurately and determine that the system will fail after a certain number of kilometers traveled. One skilled in the art will be able to determine the order of magnitude when this occurs. The specially made timing belt must be in good condition. Its failure will lead to complete damage to the system, pistons and cylinders. The specialist will check whether there are any damages on it, whether the material from which it is made has parameters similar to the factory ones, and whether the phenomenon of material fatigue has already occurred. There is no way to check this at home, if you do not have special knowledge, because this requires removing the engine cover.

How much does it cost to replace an engine timing belt?

As we have already mentioned, the diagnosis is based on checking whether the timing belt is too worn out and whether it can still be used. If not, then you will have to buy a new timing belt. The price of this element depends primarily on the brand and model of the car. However, the purchase should not ruin your wallet. Approximately and depending on the price of the manufacturer timing belt ranges from 100 to even 100 euros But these are not the only costs you will incur when replacing this item with a new one. You also need to consider the cost of labor, which varies from city to city. Therefore, add the replacement cost offered by the selected service to the price of the timing belt.

How often do experts recommend timing chain replacement?

If you want to determine the exact time when you should replace the timing belt with a new one, you can use two strategies. One of them is to determine it by the number of kilometers traveled, and the other by the number of years since the last replacement of this element with a new one. So, after how many km should this element be replaced with a new one? Some manufacturers give a period close to about 100 kilometers. This applies to gasoline engines, but you should also consider that these recommendations may vary by several tens of percent depending on the engine model. 

Sometimes a period of five years is also given, but it is much better to start from kilometers traveled, as this is a more accurate method. 

The question remains how often the timing belt is replaced on a diesel engine. Given the great durability of such timing belts, they can withstand up to 120 60 kilometers, but in some models, the manufacturer's instructions indicate about XNUMX XNUMX. So it all depends on the specific car.

Replacement of this element with a new one is necessary after its damage to maintain the durability of the engine. When deciding whether to do this or not, follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and if you are not sure, contact your mechanic.

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