How often do German cars break down?


For over a century, the word "quality" has been used with the prefix "German". Known for their meticulousness to detail, scrupulousness in fulfilling the task, manufacturers produced goods that the consumer could use for years.

This approach was also used in automobile production. That is why the representative of the German “breed” was the most popular brand in the automotive market. Was up to a certain time.

Lost the reputation of German cars

How often do German cars break down?

For decades, the Germans produced reliable cars that could not be killed. Thanks to this, an opinion was formed among the masses: the quality of the machine depends on the nation that makes it.


Compared with the American auto industry in the 70s, Volkswagen and Mersedes-Benz focused on the quality factor of materials used in production facilities. Western competitors sought to conquer the market with an original design and all kinds of “automotive jewelry”, sacrificing the quality of products.

And then came the "dashing nineties." Models with errors in electronics began to appear on the auto market, with miscalculations in the dynamic indicators of power units. At the end of the decade, the notorious class M Mercedes model saw the light of day. The reputation of German quality was shaken as soon as the consumer began to transfer from one new product to another.

In each case, the models had their drawbacks. Moreover, for additional options in cars, the buyer paid a substantial amount. But the thrill of operating a defective vehicle was getting worse.

How often do German cars break down?

In the first decade of 2000 the situation has not improved. Independent American company Consumer Reports tested a new generation of German cars and rated almost all the largest auto concerns below average.

And although periodically decent cars appeared at the motor show BMWVolkswagen and Audi, in comparison with the former glory, all products have lost their former “life spark”. It turns out that German cars also break down! What went wrong?

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Errors of German manufacturers

How often do German cars break down?

Automakers in the 60s and 70s made bets on body strength and power plant performance. Car enthusiasts needed to be interested in innovations that would make driving easier. As a result, primitive driver assistance systems began to appear.

Over the years, motorists have become more moody to such innovations. Therefore, the leadership of most brands was forced to conclude agreements on the supply of additional equipment in their cars with other companies. There was not much time to test such systems, as competitors stepped on the heels. As a result, unfinished unreliable models came off the conveyors. If earlier the buyer was willing to pay more only for the fact that the car is German, then today he will think well whether it is worth it.

The situation worsened in that since the decline in the popularity of German products in the leading positions of the global auto industry, Japanese brands began to appear. New from Honda, Toyota, Lexus and other holdings fascinated visitors to car shows. And in the process of operation, they gave good results. 

Why didn’t the Germans keep the title of the most reliable cars?

The conditions of fierce competition will cause anyone to lose their balance. The world of commerce is a cruel world. Therefore, even the most powerful and confident auto maker will sooner or later face the inevitable. In the pursuit of customers there is a panic, because of which important little things are overlooked.


The second reason why German cars lose their ratings is because of the banal trust in other suppliers. As a result, the lights go out during the movement, conflicting nodes of the electrical system, parking sensors that do not work on time and interruptions with small sensors. For some, these are trifles. However, each manufacturer for such "little things" puts up a solid bill. And the driver expects the phrase in the German Quality brochure to not let him down in an emergency.

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How often do German cars break down?

And the third reason that played a cruel joke on the reputation of reliability symbols is the overstated requirements of capricious drivers and low ratings in insignificant questionnaire cells. For example. One of the parameters by which models were evaluated in the 90s is the presence of a cup holder in the car. Representatives of concerns in Germany did not pay attention to this. Like, this does not affect the speed.

But for a client who expects from the car not only speed, but also comfort, this is an essential point. And so with other "little things." As a result, independent critics made more and more negative assessments each time. And when the owners of the concerns realized it, the situation was already running. And they had to go to extreme measures in an attempt to maintain at least existing positions. All of this in total shook the "statue" of the reliability of the global automotive industry.

Reasons for lower build quality of German cars

As the “legends” of the auto industry themselves admit, issuing another model, the company sometimes suffers heavy losses. For example, because of malfunctions in the electronics software, sometimes you have to recall a batch. And in order not to spoil their reputation, they are forced to somehow compensate their customers inconvenience.

How often do German cars break down?

When there is an acute shortage of funds for the further operation of the conveyors, the very first compromise is the quality of the goods. Everything heavy is always thrown from a sinking ship, even if it is something of value. Not only German holdings make such sacrifices.

In the case of German machines, the management of production facilities uses a name that is still “afloat” and makes a small adjustment for the quality factor of its product. So an inexperienced motorist receives a vehicle that does not comply with the quality factor stated in the technical documentation.

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