Worn brake discs - how to recognize them? How to check brake pad wear?


When you drive a car, its components wear out. This is especially true for those parts that are subject to friction. This is why worn brake discs need to be replaced so often. After all, the braking of a car is based on the creation of friction. How to recognize that this part needs to be replaced urgently? How often should this be done? Also, learn how to check brake pad wear. This is something that you must remember when driving a car. They will allow you to always have full control over the speed of the car.

Worn brake disc - is it dangerous?

A worn brake disc can reduce road safety. This causes the braking to become less effective - its distance is longer and thus you can lose control of the vehicle. This, in turn, may make it impossible for you to brake in front of an oncoming vehicle or to be accidentally involved in a collision. 

So if you drive your car a lot, don't forget to have it checked by a mechanic regularly. Worn brake discs can cause serious problems on the road, so they should not be ignored.

Brake disc wear - how often to check?

Brake discs should be replaced every 60-000 km, depending on the vehicle model and the strength of the part itself. It is in this range that the car needs to be checked by a mechanic. Record these distances and keep a close eye on your meter. On average, the average Pole drives about 7996 km per year. In such a situation, worn brake discs should be replaced every 8-9 years. However, if you use your vehicle intensively, you should consider a higher replacement frequency.

Brake disc wear symptoms

How to recognize that worn brake discs need to be replaced immediately? It's easy to see. Even as an inexperienced driver, you will quickly notice that your car has a problem. Signs of worn brake discs include:

  • reduced vehicle braking power;
  • changed braking torque;
  • creaking brake pads;
  • vibrations and vibrations of the brake discs are different than before;
  • rust on brake discs.

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your mechanic immediately. It's really better not to wait!

How to recognize worn brake discs?

Worn brake discs are much more brittle than new ones.. Because of this, they can warp and even break if you don't replace them quickly enough. Then when you press the brake pedal you will feel the so-called beat shields. This can also happen if the disc and pads don't match. 

Whatever the cause, the components will need to be replaced immediately. Don't wait too long as this can lead to further deterioration of the parts. This will make repairs even more expensive.

Worn brake discs - replacement cost

Now that you know how to identify worn brake discs, you need to figure out how much you will have to pay your mechanic if something goes wrong. Fortunately, this is not a high price. Replacing one axle of worn brake discs can cost around 18 euros. 

However, it should be added that a lot depends on the model of the vehicle. New, luxury cars may have much more expensive parts. Then the cost of the exchange can increase to 70 euros. Worn brake discs are one of the reasons why you should choose models that are popular on the market with inexpensive spare parts.

How to check brake pad wear?

Brake disc wear is one thing, pad wear is another.. How to check them? You can see the condition of the pads after removing the wheels of the car. The thickness of the ceramic linings is very important, as is the uniformity of their wear. Otherwise, additional adjustment will be required.

Always check the condition of the pads when changing wheels seasonally. This is the easiest way and does not require an additional visit to the mechanic. This will allow you to make sure that the entire system responsible for braking the vehicle is simply working. When you know how to check brake pad wear, driving safety is easy.

If you want your vehicle's braking system to function properly, you need to keep it in good condition. Watch for possible corrosion. Change your brake fluid regularly to reduce disc and pad wear. Also check the brake lines. This way you make sure your car is safe. Worn out brake discs are not expensive to replace, provided that the rest of the car is in good condition.

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