Popular brand to disappear in Ukraine due to coronavirus

On March 23, a two-week quarantine at production begins Rolls-Royce.

This brand, well-known and loved by many motorists, has also fallen victim to the coronavirus. Many auto companies have stopped their activities indefinitely due to the rapid spread of the deadly infection. These changes affected the Rolls-Royce plant in Goodwood. The information became available thanks to the press service of the famous brand.

Popular brand to disappear in Ukraine due to coronavirus

COVID - 19 has swept the world and has profoundly affected the manufacturing, work of people and the economy around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has already become one of the largest and most dangerous infections in the past decades. The number of victims of it increases every day and humanity is completely disoriented. I remember the sad days of the Spanish flu.

History to help

Popular brand to disappear in Ukraine due to coronavirus

The experience of past years helps people to somehow fight the new "enemy" - COVID-19. That is why the whole world began to introduce massive quarantines. All of this should help prevent the further spread of the virus and infecting people. Quarantine also affected the operation of shopping centers, shops, catering places and vehicles. All over the world, people are staying at home, which affects their earnings during this already difficult time.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is no exception in the world of automakers. They stopped their production until the coronavirus situation improves. And then the annual two-week holidays dedicated to Easter will begin. The management of the plant reports that such drastic measures are dictated by concern for the health of employees. The main office of the company continues to operate. Some employees remotely support the work of the company.



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