Delage D12 hypercar: Delage rebirth

Its production will be limited to 30 pieces and will cost just under 2 million euros. The French brand Delage, which distinguished itself at the beginning of the last century by winning 500 miles in Indianapolis (1914) and disappeared in 1953, is now reborn from the ashes thanks to Laurent Tapie (son of Bernard Tapie), the current president of Delage Automobiles, whose first job was hypercar named after the Delage D12.

This futuristic hypercar, which we may someday see as part of the Gran Turismo car simulator in the Vision GT garage, has designs inspired by both F1 models and supercars with a fighter cockpit. , covered with a glass capsule, with two places located one after the other.

Underneath the body, reduced to its simplest form, is a hybrid powertrain based on a 7,6-liter V12 unit that develops almost 1000 hp, to which an electric motor is connected to provide variable power depending on the model chosen.

The Delage D12 is indeed available in the Club version with 1024 hp. (with an electric unit developing about 20 hp), and in the more powerful GT modification, offering at least 1115 hp. Then the GT will have 112 electric hp). Each vehicle will weigh from 1220 kg for the D12 Club to 1310 kg for the D12 GT, allowing each to offer different options. Thus, the Club version, which can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2,8 seconds, will be faster than a track car.

The Delage D12, which is to be limited to 30 pieces, will be invoiced for just under € 2 million and delivered to its first owners in 2021. But before that, the French hypercar should appear on the Northern Arc. at the Nurburgring, where the manufacturer is aiming to set a new record in its category (road legal vehicle). For this test, Delage Automobiles can bring in Jacques Villeneuve, the 1 Formula 1997 world champion, who was part of this ambitious project.



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