GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

Description GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

In 2010, the GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business minibus received a second restyled version. The model received halogen optics, side mirrors with repeaters and heating, as well as a plastic bumper, which is now integral with the radiator grille. The rest of the changes affected the technical part and the interior.



GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business of the 2010 model year retained the dimensions of its predecessor:

Salon:9, 14 seats
Weight:2216-2470 kg.


The novelty has received three options for power units. These are two gasoline engines of 2.7 and 2.9 liters, which can be used with LPG. The diesel analogue received a cooled turbocharging.

In addition to a rear-wheel drive car, buyers are also offered an all-wheel drive analogue, which will be equipped with a locking differential and a 2-speed transfer case for an additional fee. All modifications use a 5-speed manual transmission.

Motor power:120, 107 hp
Torque:297, 221 Nm.
Burst rate:130, 125 km / h.
Transmission:MKPP 5
Average fuel consumption per 100 km (outside the city):8.5-10.7L


The basic configuration of the GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business minibus does not differ in an abundance of options. The console and steering wheel are made of safety materials, the front seats have seat belts. The model also received a standard audio system (CD player and two speakers). For a surcharge, the client is offered cruise control, ABS, auxiliary brake, air conditioning and improved multimedia.

PHOTO SELECTION GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

In the photo below, you can see the new model GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010, which has changed not only externally but also internally.

GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

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GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

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GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2.8D MT 3221Features
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VIDEO REVIEW GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010

In the video review, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the model GAZ 3221 GAZelle-Business 2010 and external changes.

GAZ Gazelle Business 3221 Commercial minibus 2010

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