Test drive Ford Mondeo Hybrid: electrification

First impressions of the hybrid Mondeo performance

The fourth edition of the Mondeo, which has been postponed for European markets, will be available in a hybrid version. The model is only available with a sedan body, but is undoubtedly a very interesting alternative to the traditionally popular diesel versions of Mondeo - with the caveat that car buyers are not looking for a large cargo volume.

The reason for this clarification is unlikely to surprise anyone - the sedan initially has the smallest trunk among the three body options of the model (429 liters), and the space required to install the high-voltage battery reduced its volume to 383 liters.

Test drive Ford Mondeo Hybrid: electrification

Since then, however, the Mondeo Hybrid has become a truly worthy representative of its lineup - there is plenty of room in the cabin, the equipment is almost extravagant, the driving comfort definitely benefits from the presence of 16-inch wheels shod with relatively high-profile tires.

The coupe makes a good impression on long journeys. As expected, the tandem of the naturally aspirated 88-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and the XNUMX kW electric motor shows its advantages mainly in urban traffic, where fuel economy is most noticeable when compared to the traditional engine versions.

Test drive Ford Mondeo Hybrid: electrification

However, even outside the city, the Mondeo Hybrid works quite convincingly - the car can move entirely on electric traction at speeds of up to 135 kilometers per hour and rarely misses the opportunity to turn off the engine when driving at full load or when descending.

The result is that the average fuel consumption, even over long distances on the highway, is about a decent 7 liters per hundred kilometers, which is objectively a good achievement compared to the diesel counterparts of the hybrid model.

In addition, the acoustics of the transmission are pleasantly restrained, the unpleasant whining typical of some competitors during a sharp acceleration is completely absent, and the dynamics, if not peak, then at least quite satisfactory.



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