Ford Mondeo: safety comes first

Ford Mondeo: safety comes first

New Ford Mondeo stands out with many innovations, including a distinctive design, a new 2,3-liter petrol engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. Meanwhile, its new active suspension, dubbed Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control (IVDC), is ready.

IVDC offers a comfortable, sporty and normal operating mode, which, however, is not static in their setting. To ensure optimal road performance, seven sensors in the system detect changes in the condition of the road surface ten times per second. Four of them are located in the wheels themselves, and three others measure acceleration, tilt and vibration in the car. "Subsequently," the system control unit activates electronic valves in the shock absorbers, which adapt them to the situation.

Project manager Norbert Kessing says the system is suitable for Mondeo vehicles as it improves stability in critical conditions. The most obvious result of its work is the reduction of the braking distance on uneven surfaces by up to 10%.

Mondeo's new Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control is available at an additional cost at all power levels.




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