Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta (1961): дешевле 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta (1961): дешевле 250 GTO

The sale of a Ferrari 250 GT SWB with an interesting past will begin soon.

Ferrari 250 GT with racing history announced for sale. This is a steel version of the sports version with carburetors.

Something exceptional is on sale: the 250 GT SWB is considered a masterpiece by Ferrari and Pininfarina. The combination of a 2,40 meter wheelbase - 20 centimeters shorter than the standard 250 GT - and a three-liter V12 engine has a reputation for being a particularly sought-after and coveted sports car. In addition, with maximum power and speed values ​​of 280 hp. and the 240 km / h model is one of the fastest cars since the early 1960s. A version of the steel body went on sale.

Ferrari 250 GT SWB with an exciting history

Chassis number 2563 GT was produced in 1961 as the 78th copy from 165 250 GT SWB. The first owner, an Italian, received the car on May 15, 1961. He ordered slightly larger carburettors for the racing version. The body was painted in Grigio Conchiglia gray and the seats were upholstered in dark red Conolly leather. Two years later, the Swiss bought the car, took part in several races and sold it again a year later.

The 250 GT SWB was exported to the US and returned to Switzerland ten years later with a new engine. This was followed by three changes of ownership until the car remained in the hands of a Swiss collector for 17 years, who registered it with the Vaduz license plate, took part in classic car races and finally replaced it with a 275 GTB / C. Another Swiss owner races with classics for historic cars, one of which is the Le Mans Classic. In 2006, the veteran was traded to the UK; its last owner is a collector. The Auxietre & Schmidt dealers who announced the sale did not provide a price. For a well-maintained 250 GT SWB with a steel body, it should be between 6,375 and 8,625 million euros, according to Classic Analytics.


Six to eight million euros is a lot of money. But the Ferrari 250 GTO, produced in fewer units and considered an icon, costs many times more. Therefore, we can say that the purchase is profitable - Ferraris of the 60s are among the most expensive classic cars in general.

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