Is this the most luxurious camper in the world?

The German Perfect 1200 Platinum not only has a washing machine, generator and bathroom, but also its own garage.

A year after the caravan show in Dusseldorf, where the fourth generation of the ultra-modern Perfect (Perfect 1000) motorhomes was demonstrated based on Mercedes Actros, the German company Variomobil went even further. Check out her greatest creation to date, the flagship Perfect 1200 Platinum.

Is this the most luxurious camper in the world?

This mobile home, which can easily accommodate a family of four, costs 881 euros in the basic configuration. The camper has a built-in XXL garage that fits a sports car the size of a Mercedes-AMG GT or Porsche 911. A person 1,90 meters tall can easily stand there. In other creations, the company offers XL garage sizes (for models such as Fiat 500) and L (for such as the two-seater Smart).

This amazing model has three pull-out sections for increased living space when the car is parked. The layout and equipment of the salon can be completely different, for example, the company offers dozens of options. In the maximum version (as in the photos in the gallery below), the Perfect 1200 Platinum costs about 1,45 million euros.

In the living area of ​​the mobile home, it is worth noting the presence of a relatively large kitchen and mini-dining room, a bathroom with a sink and shower (size 10 sqm), a 3-seater sofa and a separate room with a double bed (size 165 x 200 cm), bedside tables and another sofa. An extra fold-down bed measuring 130 x 77 x 51 inches (195 x 130 cm) is stored above the driver's top.

The model features solar panels, a backup generator, air conditioning, touchscreen LED control panel and a washer / dryer. Buyers can also enjoy a state-of-the-art entertainment system that includes TVs, Bose sound system, and 4G connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi and Apple TV.



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