Electric vehicles - prices for new cars. How much will you pay for an ecological transport solution?


What is the price of an electric car? This question is asked by many fans of the automotive industry and ecology. How much does it cost to buy and how much to maintain such a car? It is currently probably the cheapest way to get around on four wheels. But first you have to buy such a cheap electric car. Its purchase is considered more expensive than in the case of other vehicles. Read our article and see for yourself that the prices of electric vehicles will pleasantly surprise you.

Electric cars - prices higher than other cars?

Usually fueled cars can be bought very cheaply. You can buy city cars with weak engines and basic equipment for about 40-60 thousand zlotys. zloty. And we're talking about new vehicles here! Unfortunately, in this price range, a cheap electric car is simply not available, because the cost of these cars is much higher. Such cars can be bought for more than 70. PLN, and in most cases you have to take into account the cost over PLN 100 XNUMX. zloty. The choice should depend on your personal needs. However, it is worth remembering that the prices of electric vehicles significantly affect their quality.

Cheap electric car - what is the low price?

Wondering how much utility electric vehicles can cost? The cheapest are models with very weak engines and a small power reserve. Therefore, driving them may be less comfortable than in the case of cheaper cars that run on gasoline or gas. At the same time, in the long run, such a purchase can save you a lot of money. After all, the costs of using them are usually several times lower, which means that if you go to work every day, the money will quickly pay off. A powerful engine in such a situation is also not needed, because when driving around the city it is illegal to drive above 50 km / h.

How much does an electric car with a range of 500 km cost?

A longer range of an electric car means more opportunities, so manufacturers are doing everything to gradually expand it. Unfortunately, this requires the use of higher quality components. Thus, if a car with a mileage of 100-250 km can be bought quite cheaply, then this cannot be said about models whose mileage exceeds 500 km. How much does an electric car cost if its range exceeds this barrier? Tesla Model X Long Range with a range of 548 km currently costs almost $490. zloty. In turn, for the model of the same brand S Long Range exceeding 600 350. km, you will pay about XNUMX thousand. zloty.

Electric vehicles – prices reduced through subsidies

It is worth noting that despite the higher prices for electric vehicles, you can still get financing for these vehicles.. The condition is a certificate stating that within a year or two you will drive a certain number of kilometers and buy a new car (possible from a dealer, but it must travel less than 50 km) in order to receive a refund even more than PLN 20 XNUMX. zloty. However, it should be noted that the purchased car must be in a certain (not very high) price range. In addition, Extended Family Card holders can expect higher returns and can spend more on the vehicle itself. After all, a big family means a big car!

Are electric cars convenient?

The price of a car is one thing, but is this purchase worth it in terms of comfort? It depends on what you expect from such a machine. If you regularly go on multi-hundred-kilometer trips, this is probably not your choice right now. However, EVs are great as urban vehicles because they are cheap and quiet, and therefore more convenient to operate. In addition, more and more gas stations have fast charging points that will allow you to fully charge your car in 30-50 minutes. This is really not long, considering that charging such a car from a wall outlet can take up to 6-10 hours. 

Prices for electric cars are actually higher, and their range means they won't fit in every situation. However, they are the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Therefore, if you want to take care of nature and you do not have the opportunity to get to work by bike or public transport, be sure to consider this solution!

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