Tesla electric cars are the market leader for new cars in Norway

Norway is a country where the majority of its inhabitants are committed to environmentally friendly technologies. Unsurprisingly, in 2019, Tesla vehicles have taken the lead in the new vehicle segment. Bloomberg writes about it.

In 2019, the share of electric cars among purchased new cars was 42%. The main merit in this is Tesla Model 3, which is wildly popular among the inhabitants of the Scandinavian country.

Over the past year, Tesla has sold 19 electric cars in Norway. Of this number, 15,7 thousand cars are Model 3.

If we take into account not only new, but all cars, Volkswagen is the leader in the Norwegian market. She overtook the American automaker by just 150 cars. The total share of sales of Volkswagen and Tesla in the Norwegian market was 13%.

The Nordic countries are the most important market for Tesla. It is the third most active region for the American automaker, according to a third quarter 2019 report. The Model 3 has no competitors at all. In the rating of the most popular cars, the electric car even overtook its "brother" Nissan Leaf, which was predicted to be hugely popular in this part of the world. Tesla electric cars are the market leader for new cars in Norway We can assume that in the future the situation for Tesla will be even more favorable. Today Norway has the largest number of electric cars per capita. The trend towards the transition to safe transport has gained momentum and is not going to give up positions.



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