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Renault Fluence ZE - Green Family Sedan - The third car (after I) we drove is this. The Renault Electric is based on a traditional and essentially sedan version. It has a length of 3m, space for five passengers with luggage (4,75L trunk) and meticulous quality construction.

Only in our case there is a 300 hp electric motor under the hood. and a torque of 95 Nm, which provides a top speed of 226 km / h and a range of 135 km. The lithium-ion battery (located between the rear seat and trunk) is charged from home power and takes 160 hours.

Electric Renault Fluence ZE

In the future, it will be possible to replace discharged batteries with charged ones within 8 minutes at special stations in the road network (see video below).

Riding a Renault Fluence ZE

Driving The Fluence ZE is the best of the three electric models we've driven in Paris. The feeling it exudes is that of a good small to medium sized family car. Its suspension magically absorbs bumps and potholes for an excellent ride quality, which, combined with the absence of engine noise, contributes to a very comfortable ride.

Electric Renault Fluence ZE

The electric motor is rich in power. You gently press the accelerator, and Fluence rushes forward with great speed, and the brakes, accordingly, work well. In the gearbox, it is very easy to use as it only has one gear for forward travel and one option for reverse, where the electric motor simply rotates upside down.

From € 21.500 in France

Starting at € 21.500 in France, Renault is promoting its price as one of the advantages of the Fluence ZE, which is equivalent to the price of a Fluence diesel engine in France (around € 5.000 79, including a government subsidy of around € 2011 around 21.300). However, this price does not include the battery, for which there is a monthly charge (approx. € 26.000).

This means that in order to ultimately benefit the ZE market, the monthly rental and charging costs of the battery must be less than or equal to the fuel cost of the corresponding gasoline or diesel Fluence.

Electric Renault Fluence ZE

Fluence ZE will be available in Europe on the market from mid-year 7 at prices from 2010 2011 to 16 2.000 euros, depending on the bonuses valid in each country. As the first small to midsize electric sedan on the market, the Fluence ZE is aimed at individuals and companies looking for high-end vehicles while being economical and respectful of the environment.

From July until the end of February, Renault's traveling exhibition will visit European countries to give more people the opportunity to use both the Fluence ZE and its other electric model. In 22, we expect from Renault and an electric car, which will cost about XNUMX thousand euros, and earlier, at the end of XNUMX, the French will release a two-seater car.

Watch the video of the ride on the Renault Fluence ZE:

Renault Fluence ZE Ride


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