Edag Light Car: open source

Edag Light Car: open source

The company, whose main focus is the development of automobiles, will present its ecological concept in Geneva, suitable for both everyday use and leisure.

The four-meter-long hull is made of fully recyclable basalt fiber. The glass panels of a car with a wheelbase of 2,90 meters are made of macrolon.

They are powered by four electric motors located in the wheels of the Light Car, which are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to them, the maximum mileage of the concept car is 150 km. As incredible as it sounds, the wheels also have integrated suspension, brakes and power steering.

LED fixtures come in a variety of configurations, making the studio's design truly individual. The back cover of the model is transparent and acts as a screen when communicating with other cars. The warning signals for the next vehicle are projected on it.

The driver of a car can also customize the cockpit that opens in front of him in terms of the arrangement of devices, for example, since the entire dashboard is a screen of the intelligent multimedia system.




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