E90 - BMW 3 series engines and their parameters. Which are the best?


The longitudinal arrangement of the engine in the E90 BMW 3 Series made cars in this class excellent to drive. A well-distributed center of gravity and an ideal way to transfer power through the transmission are the main features that distinguish the E90 engines. People who opt for a BMW 318i, 320i or 325i can't complain about performance. Almost every gasoline version of the E90 engine is not turbocharged, but it has really big power. 3-cylinder diesel engines were also used in the BMW 6 Series models. Meet the best units!

Which BMW E90 petrol engines should you choose? This is what you need to know!

Wondering which petrol or diesel engine to choose for your BMW 3 Series E90? First of all, determine your needs. If you drive long distances, choose diesel, and for short distances, it is better to choose a BMW 3 on petrol and gas. The BMW 318i and 320i models use 90 cm1995 E3 engines, developing power from 129 to 170 hp. Slightly weaker were the 316i models, where the engines reached only 122 hp. with a volume of 1599 cm3. For most E90 engine models, fuel consumption fluctuated at a level not exceeding 7,5 l / 100 km. Are you looking for the cheapest way to get around by car? A bet on the 3th generation version of the BMW N46 with a 2.0 engine. These models do not have direct injection and additionally interact with a gas installation.

What other E90 units? Notable engines

Also look out for interesting 6-cylinder engines that generate much more power. The 6-litre R2,5 units are used in the BMW 3 323i and 325i models. There are also slightly larger E90 units. The 3.0 displacement engines are available in 325i, 328i and 330i versions. Sometimes you can also see this engine in the BMW 335i. The first engines were produced only until 2010. Three liter variants in N52, N52, N54, N55 variants were also available in turbocharged and biturbo versions. Direct fuel injection works in tandem with all-wheel drive. Remember that older versions of the E4 N90 engines had a lot of head problems. Experts and users recommend choosing slightly newer varieties of N52, although for HBO in this case this is a huge expense. Whichever engine you choose when buying a used BMW, always check:

  • timing chain condition;
  • course;
  • oil level;
  • possible leaks.

E90 - gasoline engines

If you do not notice significant elements indicating an engine failure, you can buy a used BMW from a previous owner of an E90 car. Six-cylinder engines up to 6 hp develop speeds up to 306 km / h. Gasoline is a good option for those who appreciate the maneuverability of a sedan and low repair costs with the ability to install LPG.

E90 - diesel engines. Which to choose?

BMW 3 Series are often equipped with two-liter 4-cylinder engines. Thanks to these designs, the 316d, 318d and 320d move. Choose slightly more powerful 3-liter and 6-cylinder units:

  • 325d;
  • 330d;
  • 335d.

Thanks to this, the performance of the car will always be satisfactory. In older M47 models, users point to the frequent formation of a diaphragm on the intake manifold, i.e. dampers. Very often, nozzles also fail, which makes further movement impossible. The cost of replacing them can even reach several thousand zlotys. The fifth generation with N47 engines also has a fragile timing chain located near the gearbox. This arrangement also complicates the issue of possible repair of faults and failures.

Which fifth generation BMW engine should you choose?

The fifth-generation BMW sedan (and beyond) was available in various engine configurations. The choice of petrol or diesel engine is up to you. Every mechanic has their own opinion on the BMW n43 and newer powertrains. Much depends on how the previous owner operated the engine. The cost of replacing engine and transmission oil is not high. Take care of regular service activities and your BMW 3 Series will always be in good working order. The E90 engines are considered to be among the most reliable ever built.

Older N90 series E46 engines or newer N53 engines will certainly be the most reliable choice among petrol engines. Don't invest in high mileage turbodiesels. It often turns out that, despite the durability of these units, their operation over many kilometers can lead to high maintenance and repair costs. Analyze all the engines available for the E90 and make a decision that you are happy with.

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