Two on a motorcycle & # 8212; hard work

Riding a motorcycle is often not just for one person. When there are two on it, and the driving pleasure is doubled. But there are a few things to keep in mind when the two of you are on a motorcycle.

A very important condition is not only the pleasure of the driver from riding the moped, but also the pleasure of the rear passenger in the seat. In other words, if someone does not want to sit on the bike as a passenger, does not feel comfortable or even afraid, the initial conditions for a carefree joint “ride” are not suitable. In fact, there is even a risk that the passenger, through misbehavior, will expose the entire "crew" to dangerous situations, such as worrying, bending over or sitting upright.

If you don't know how to behave like a motorcyclist, education can help. If you want to inspire someone to ride a motorcycle, you need to explain to them the dynamics of this ride and how to properly move in the seat. For a comfortable ride together, it is very important to understand the car, steering technique and the passenger as best as possible.

This is always useful when the person in the back seat understands the driver's behavior while driving, and at best even foresees it. Equally important to the passenger's comfort on the motorcycle is a comfortable seat behind the driver.

But the biker must also understand that the entire human-machine system is heavily influenced by the passenger behind him, and his behavior is very different from that of a single ride. For example, the center of gravity of the car shifts noticeably backward. This makes the front wheel lighter and the rear axle carries more weight.

The driver quickly notices this, if only because the motorcycle loses great maneuverability. In addition, the stopping distance gets longer and the bike loses - depending on the size of the engine, its agility is more or less noticeable. This can be felt easily and quickly with a longer maneuver in time when overtaking.

In addition, since the rear springs and dampers, as well as the rear tires, must carry more weight than the passenger, the pressure in the chassis and tires must be adapted to the higher load.

In addition to basic car preparation for a motorcycle ride for two, there is also much that the person behind the wheel can do to make the ride as pleasant and safe for the passenger as possible. For example, minimize your “sporty” driving habits by planning and taking enough breaks for the passenger to stretch their legs from time to time.

On the other hand, the position behind the rider is usually not as comfortable as in front of the motorcycle. In addition, the rear passenger has much less variety of views and experiences than the motorcycle rider. The passenger must also always keep an eye on the traffic and the road situation in order to move correctly in the back seat, which is different from riding a motorcycle in front.



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