Engine 2.7CDI diesel. Mercedes-Benz installed it on the Mercedes Sprinter, W203 and W211 models. The most important information


The 2.7 CDI engine is one of the first to use the common rail injection system. Parts availability is very good and prices are affordable, as many of them fit four- and six-cylinder models. Next, you will read in which models it was installed, what to look for when buying and how to properly care for this engine.

2.7 CDI engine - basic information

Mercedes produced three versions of the 2.7 CDI engine. The first, with a capacity of 170 hp, appeared in class C cars, and even in off-road models and vans produced in 1999-2006. Models of the M and G class were equipped with a 156-163 hp version, while from 2002 to 2005 the 177 hp engine was produced. units. The engine has a long resource and a mileage of 500 XNUMX kilometers is not terrible.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mercedes engines

A very important feature of this unit is the interchangeability of elements with twin four- and six-cylinder diesel engines. Access to parts is easy, and a large number of replacements reduces repair and maintenance costs. This is an engine that is very easy to regenerate, but is not free from defects. The head fails quite often, it cracks due to overheating, the thermostat and intake manifold break.

Despite some shortcomings, this is a motor worthy of attention, there are much more pluses. First of all, the 2.7 CDI engines have a strong and durable construction. They are characterized by a very low failure rate as well as a high availability of spare parts. They work smoothly, lively and at the same time smoke very little. Models with these engines are often twenty years old cars, and there are a few things to pay special attention to when buying such cars.

Mercedes-Benz 2.7 CDI engine - what to look for when buying?

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the fluid level, it is best to check it in the workshop. Immediately after buying a car with this engine, you should take care of the cooling system, because the most common breakdown - head cracking - is the result of overheating. This is a rather old drive unit, so you should take into account possible repairs and have PLN 2-3 thousand prepared to eliminate possible breakdowns. The big plus is that the 2.7 CDI engine will easily go through the classic regeneration process, and the availability of spare parts is large, which allows you to choose cheaper and save money.

How to service a car marked 270 CDI diesel?

The big design advantage of the OM612 is the chain instead of the toothed belt. After a competently carried out engine repair, it is enough to look under the hood to add washer fluid. The engine runs great with special gearboxes and does not run out of oil, which is recommended to be changed every 15 km. You should also pay special attention to the level of the coolant and ensure its proper functioning. A regularly serviced car will repay you with a long service life.

The holy grail of motorhomes is the Mercedes Sprinter 2.7 CDI

Sprinter with 2.7 CDI engine is one of the most sought-after Mercedes models at the moment. Many choose this model as the base for their motorhome. The low risk of breakdown on a long journey is reason enough to choose a Sprinter model with this engine. Also important is the low fuel consumption that characterizes cars equipped with this drive. Many are convinced that this is the last of the correctly made engines, it is unprofitable for manufacturers to develop five-cylinder units. Cheaper to manufacture turbocharged, but less power.

E-Class W211 2.7 CDI - more power and performance

The E-class continues to be popular. It is often chosen by taxi drivers. Low fuel consumption and reliability are important here. If you plan to buy this model for personal use, you can use the services of companies that can improve the performance and squeeze more power out of the 2.7 CDI engine. He has real potential. It is this most powerful 177-horsepower unit that reaches a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The car accelerates to hundreds in 9 seconds, while the maximum speed is 233 km / h.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive car, Mercedes with 2.7 CDI engines is ideal for you. However, you need to be prepared for additional expenses in addition to buying a car. These units are quite old and require reconstruction and repair. However, if you decide to have your engine serviced professionally, you will enjoy its proper operation for a long time.

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