Motorist Day: when and how to celebrate


The idea of ​​honoring drivers appeared a long time ago. Although at first the official name of the celebration was different. It was called "Day of the Motor Transport Worker", but the people called it "Day of the Driver". The main characters of such a holiday are the driver. This is a person who drives a tram or bus, truck or trolleybus, taxi and other transport.

It is customary to congratulate people involved in the maintenance of vehicles, as well as their purposeful production. We are talking about car mechanics and auto mechanics, tire changers and car designers, managers together with employees of specialized motor transport enterprises.

Motorist Day: when and how to celebrate

Each year, such a celebration demonstrates the importance of automobiles in the economy of a modern country in order to pay the deserved respect to the representatives of the industry. After all, it is they who make the daily life of every person more comfortable every day. But today the holiday does not at all carry that primordial meaning. It is celebrated by both professional drivers and ordinary amateur car owners. The date of the celebration falls on the fourth Sunday in October. So in 2020, the country and representatives of the profession will celebrate the 25th.


Motorist Day: when and how to celebrate

The idea of ​​honoring the driver was born in the days of the USSR. However, it was then that it was implemented. Everything happened in the following chronology:

Date, yr Event
1976The Soviet Presidium issued a decree on the "Day of Motor Transport Workers" - this document was a response to the appeal of many citizens who expressed regret that they did not have a professional holiday.
1980A special decree was signed on "Holidays and Memorable Days" - about a celebration established four years earlier.
1996The day of the motorist was combined with the holiday of road workers - as a result, those who controlled the condition of the roads and those who drove along them celebrated the celebration on the same day.
2000The idea, considered four years earlier, was recognized as unsuccessful, so the road builders were given the penultimate Sunday in October, but the representatives of the drivers left the last one.
2012Chauffeurs are united with representatives of public transport, then a holiday was established, which in the vastness of the post-Soviet space is still known everywhere as the very Day of the Motorist.

Such a long history has led to the fact that everyone who has their own vehicles and periodically travels across the expanses of highways deserves the right to celebrate their professional holiday in the second month of autumn.

How they celebrate

Today, on the Day of the Motorist, every driver is congratulated. The heroes of the celebration on the last Sunday in October were not deprived of the attention of loved ones. In addition, bosses, politicians, and local officials congratulate drivers. Transport organizations pay maximum attention to the holiday. Concerts are organized there for specialists. The best employees are awarded prizes, diplomas, and certificates of honor. Although the holiday has become popular, an unforgettable celebration is held on its occasion.

Motorist Day: when and how to celebrate

Large-scale parades of retro cars are organized in many cities. In addition, you can watch various rallies. For heroes of the occasion, competitions are held annually for the best equipment or car tuning. Wherever possible, the organization of high-speed car races and even races is provided.

Recently, on the Day of the driver, various exhibitions are often organized. At them, everyone can get acquainted with the cars, the features of their device, with the basic principles of work and with the history of the automotive industry.



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