Test drive Dacia Duster: Someone else to wipe the dust


Already with history, Duster is experiencing another evolutionary leap in its development

Perhaps this article will begin with another cliché about how beneficial it is in terms of what Dacia Duster offers when it snowed heavily and snowdrifts appeared. White diaper vertically and horizontally.

At this point, even the most luxurious car stuck in an abyss, with all the charm of its high-quality, ultra-expensive materials and displays, won't provide you with an easy way to get around. Which, by the way, is the main function of the car.

Test drive Dacia Duster: Someone else to wipe the dust

Well, the Duster knows how to do it, and with its dual transmission and 21cm ground clearance in such situations, it clearly stands out from most cars on the streets. Given that driving in our cities often requires off-road qualities, it is understandable why this is one of the best-selling models in our country.

Complexity of simple things

Phenomenon Daciaand Duster in particular can be studied at economics universities and with engineers specializing in efficient automotive manufacturing, because it is not an easy task to bring a profitable but reliable car to the market.

Like other Dacia models, the Duster builds on the mature B0 platform, produced by the alliance for many years. Renault-Nissanwhich dates back to the days of the Renault Clio II. It is not very complex in design and provides an opportunity to reduce the cost, therefore, in addition to being the basis of the car, it also serves as the basis for its favorable price.

Test drive Dacia Duster: Someone else to wipe the dust

The Duster has an increased wheelbase and track, which practically allows it to move into the compact class, surpassing the models produced on the same Nissan Juke platform.

Modified for a dual drivetrain and using a simple rear axle suspension design with transverse circular bars acting as load-bearing (in the dual drivetrain version), it handles surprisingly well in rough terrain.

Over ice, snow and sand

Renault-installed 1.5 dCi diesel engine may not be the most modern unit in the world (there is also a naturally aspirated 1.6 liter petrol version with 115 hp and a turbocharged 1.2-liter unit with 125 hp, as well as a gas version ), but it handles 1395 kg without any problems, has little fuel consumption and even shows a sporty character.

The associations are in tune with the new design of the model, the creation of the team of the Bulgarian Emil Kasabov. Another noteworthy achievement given the fact that Duster cannot afford the intricate styling of Renault and Nissan models - due to limited production costs and the brand's differentiation as being more budget-friendly than theirs.

Test drive Dacia Duster: Someone else to wipe the dust

However, the new Duster design definitely gives the impression of an off-budget car, with more sophisticated stylistic nuances and a deeper and more dynamic appearance. The most important qualities, such as (passive and active) safety and protection of passengers, are maintained and even developed with minor modifications to the mentioned platform and the proposed panoramic camera system.

This and the increased comfort is facilitated by a new steering system with a more direct ratio, which requires less effort.

The architecture of the cabin has changed, especially the dashboard, which has acquired better materials. Against this background and considering the favorable prices (the well-equipped model with a 110 hp diesel engine and a dual transmission maintains the level of 21 thousand dollars), there are such disadvantages as noticeable noise from the engine compartment and whistling, which depends on the load and probably , comes from the intake manifold of a supercharged engine.

Test drive Dacia Duster: Someone else to wipe the dust

Meanwhile, the CMF platform on which most of Renault-Nissan's new models are based is also entering a phase of maturity and, according to Dacia, will be used for its models from 2020. A more modern modular design is likely to make the Duster even more attractive.



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