What can a memory card hold and when will it be useful?


Most modern mobile devices have built-in internal memory of at least several gigabytes, which allows us to store quite large amounts of information. After all, most of us need extra space for music, movies, photos or other data. But for what a memory card of suitable capacity for a phone, tablet or other device can serve. Let's take a look at the capabilities of these devices made by renowned and reputable manufacturers.

Additional memory for smartphone or tablet

Today, smartphones and tablets are truly multimedia combines. With their help, we not only make calls and text messages, but also surf the web, take a lot of photos, shoot videos, listen to music and use many applications. And all this takes place, and a lot. A single high-resolution photo can take up to several MB, a movie can take up to several hundred, and often more than 1 GB, and music files from services such as Spotify or Tidal can take up to several GB (to be able to listen to them offline). mode). ). Even if your device provides a user with a dozen or several tens of GB of data space, this may not be enough for the device to work smoothly. A good card that provides high data transfer rates can help, for example, SANDISK Extreme, microSDHC, 32 GB, which is perfect not only for smartphones, but also for sports cameras or tablets.

Travel documentation

Are you going on vacation to the other side of the world? Have you planned an interesting trip? As a modern tourist, you are sure to take hundreds of photos and dozens of videos - whether with a professional camera or camcorder or with your smartphone. We guarantee that you will definitely not have enough space. That's why you need more than one card up your sleeve. This is a small lightweight accessory that can be replaced in a few minutes. When choosing, pay attention not only to spaciousness, but also to durability. For example, model SANDISK Extreme SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA, microSDXC, 128 ГБ Not only is it ideal for smooth HD movie recording, but it also offers a wide operating temperature range. So you won't be disappointed even if you want to go to the North Pole and document your travels.

Movies and graphics database

… Not only for professionals. Although it must be admitted that they need the most reliable and capacious memory cards. The very ones that, even after many years, will allow you to restore a very high-resolution movie or photos without losing data. The most demanding will reach, for example SANDISK Extreme PRO SDSDXXY-512G-GN4IN, SDXC, 512 ГБ. It is a waterproof card that can withstand earthquake, extreme temperatures, X-rays and magnetic fields, providing fast data transfer and multitasking convenience - in a word: for professionals working in extreme conditions. The card is less capacious, but offers the same possibilities Memory SANDISK Extreme Pro, SDXC, 128 GB, which works great, including with small cameras. You will never run out of space on it.

How to choose a memory card for yourself?

Pay attention not only to the capacity (although it is also important), but also to:

  • card format - today SDHC cards are widely used, but top-level cards are already the SDXC standard - check if they are compatible with your equipment,
  • connection speed - it largely depends on whether videos and photos recorded in HD quality will contain errors,
  • resistance and durability - especially impact-resistant. An additional advantage is resistance to high or low temperatures.

Thanks to this, you will get equipment that will not disappoint you and will allow you to enjoy multimedia without restrictions.

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