What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed


Kenguryatnik on a car

An integral part of many SUVs is a protective bar in front of the radiator mesh, and sometimes on the rear bumper. Many motorists consider the kengurin to be just part of the decor, while others are so confident in its practicality that they even attach the yoke to their small cars.

Why is this part installed on the car? Why is she called a kenguryatnik? What are they and what are the advantages of installing them? In this article, we will deal with all the questions in more detail.

What is a kenguryatnik?

What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed

The kenguryatnik is called curved pipes with vertical bridges. In the classic version, this is a large structure of shaped pipes welded in the form of a lattice. It is installed on the front of the car in order to protect important engine components from damage when colliding with an obstacle (tree, large animal, boulder, etc.).

The idea of ​​creating such a structure came from American shepherds. To get the stubborn animal into the pen, they pushed it with a car with a wooden gate fixed to the bumper.

Truckers in Australia took over the idea. For them, the issue of installing a kengurin is of paramount importance for a safe long trip. The reason for this is the sudden appearance of large animals on the roads (kangaroo or camel). A road train moving at a speed of under 100 kilometers per hour can neither be stopped nor performed a maneuver on it to avoid an obstacle. The drivers had no choice but to look for new parts instead of broken ones.

What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed

When colliding with a large animal, the yoke, of course, is strongly deformed. But the trucker doesn't need to look for a new radiator or even a motor.

On SUVs and crossovers, this part is installed for driving over rough terrain. Often, kangurin can also be seen on passenger cars, for example, the police use it as a battering ram during the pursuit of criminals.

What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed

Kenguryatnik design

Most often, fans of OffRoad races think about installing a kangarin. This element consists of:

  • supporting frame;
  • lattice.

The frame is made of pipes with a large diameter. In modern expensive options, a round profile is used. It is welded from several sections or a long pipe is used, it is bent on a pipe bender, and the ends are fixed at the point of attachment to the car. The lathing is made either from a similar profile or from pipes of a smaller diameter.

On large vehicles, a yoke made of a square profile can be installed.

What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed

Several factors must be considered when making a fixture.

  • Its design should not interfere with the operation of lighting devices. If the kangarin occupies the entire part of the front of the car, the crate should not even partially cover the headlights. Exceptions are factory modifications with a thin grille specifically for the headlights.
  • When making it yourself, it is important to maintain symmetry.
  • The device must not only protect the vehicle on which it will be installed, but also be safe for other road users. In the event of an accident with a pedestrian, a person will receive more injuries if a kenguryatnik is installed on the car. To prevent this, factory models have a minimum number of sharp corners.

Types and classifications of kenguryatniks

There are two types of car mounts.

What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed
  1. Frontal. It is installed either on the bumper to strengthen it, or on a special mount in the car frame. If the motorist decided to install this part on his car, then he will most likely stop only on this category of kangarins.
  2. Rear. Offroad professionals have made sure that both the front and rear of the vehicle can be equally damaged off-road. Their recommendation for such trips is to install both types of kangarins.
What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed

In addition, all protective pipes are divided into three classes.

  1. Standard attachments. Their task is to protect the details of the engine compartment when colliding with a large obstacle. In the event of a major accident, of course, they may not prevent damage to the internal combustion engine or other parts. But in a collision, they will significantly soften the impact. In addition to this design, side cables are sometimes used to protect the body from large branches.
  2. Protective grilles. They are installed on the front and rear lights. The main task is to protect the optics from stones and small branches flying out from under the wheels of the vehicle in front.
  3. Reinforced bumpers. Power bumpers are installed for additional protection of the staff. They are no longer attached to the bumper, but from below to the side members. Most often this is a massive structure, slightly wider than the car itself. The edges of such a model will be bent to the side. And the pipes running under the car will protect the engine from large boulders or curbs.

Installation benefits

The presence of such a frame on the car will provide additional protection for the expensive equipment of the SUV, because during an extreme off-road drive, the chance of colliding with an obstacle is very high.

What is a kenguryatnik and why is it needed

When deciding to install additional attachments, the driver must take into account the disadvantages of such protection.

  • The installation of self-made models is an intervention in the design of the car. For such changes without appropriate permission, the driver will be fined.
  • After mounting the bumper guard, the front of the car becomes stiffer. This is a plus for cross-country travel, and an additional threat to pedestrians in urban environments. In modern cars, bumpers soften the impact, so in some cases the pedestrian receives only minor injuries. But in such a situation, the kenguryatnik will cause much more problems.

As you can see, using a kangaroo has its positive and negative sides. Regardless of whether the driver installed a factory model or a home-made one, he must remember about the safety of all road users.

We also offer you to watch a video on how to bend a pipe without a crease when making a protective arc:

How to bend a pipe without a pipe bender


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