What is a Hatchback?

A hatchback is a car with a sloping rear (trunk). Can be with 3 or 5 doors. In most cases, hatchbacks are small and medium-sized cars, and their compactness makes them extremely suitable for urban environments and short distances. It is not very convenient when you need to carry bulky luggage, respectively, during travel and long trips.

Hatchbacks are often mistaken for small cars compared to regular sedans, while the main difference between a sedan and a hatchback is the "hatchback" or liftgate. The reason it's called a door is because from here you can get into the car, unlike in a sedan, where the trunk is separated from the passengers.

A sedan is defined as a car with 2 rows of seats, viz. front and rear with three compartments, one for the engine, the second for passengers and the third for storing luggage and other things. All three pillars in the sedan cover only the interior.

On the other hand, the hatchback was originally designed with seating flexibility in mind in relation to storage space. It doesn't have to be smaller than a sedan and can seat up to 5 passengers, but it may also have the option to increase storage space by sacrificing a seat. A good example of this is Volvo A V70 that is actually a hatchback, but larger than a sedan like the VW vento. The hatchback is called that not because of its smaller size, but because of the door in the back.

Differences between sedan and hatchback

Hatchbacks have a sunroof door (5th door) in the rear, while sedans don't.
Sedans have 3 fixed compartments - for the engine, passengers and luggage, while hatchbacks have the ability to fold the seats to increase the luggage compartment.
there is no other definite difference between them. Just so you know, anything that can hold more than 5 people is commonly referred to as a van. Some crossovers or SUVs also have more than 5 seats. And those cars that are taller and have much more storage space with a rear hatch door, but these are not hatchbacks, but pickups.

If there were more "city" cars driving in cities rather than SUVs, vans, and large SUVs, most drivers would probably have a calmer view. If smaller and weaker cars did not hit the left lane of the highway, but also minor roads, off-road driving would not be a song, but nervousness might be lessened. This, of course, is utopian and unrealistic, but yes - the type of car matters for the driving location. And if there are two people driving the family, it might be a good idea to have one car suitable for city driving and the other for travel and excursions. When kids or hobbies tamper with the account, the equation gets even more complicated.

Here's a quick overview of what type of vehicle is best for what:


Another classic type of car. It is called three-volume because, unlike a hatchback, the trunk is completely separated from the passenger compartment and there is no access to it through the trunk. It is possible that the volume is on average higher than that of hedgebacks. Depending on the specific car, it is suitable for both the city and travel.


Hybrid form between hedgeback and sedan. The trunk is sloping and with access to the body like the first, but the car is longer than sedans and can often be mistaken for them. They prefer hedges due to their larger trunk volume.


The station wagon is close to the sedan, but its roof is elongated, the trunk is much larger and has a "cut" shape at the back. If you carry a lot of luggage or travel frequently, this is also a good choice, but the car is usually larger (and longer), which can cause some inconvenience in urban environments, such as finding a parking space.

SUV - off-road vehicle (SUV)

In recent years, the SUV has entered the Bulgarian name, but in fact these are cars known in our country as jeeps. The second is an unofficial term that entered the brand Jeep... These vehicles often have 4x4 drives, suitable for off-road and heavier driving conditions. Although they are quite popular for city driving, they are not very suitable due to their large size, although there are some rather compact models that are specially designed for city driving.


This is how a modern minivan looks like, combining the advantages of an SUV. They are convenient for country trips, large families, pets, outdoor sports enthusiasts who need to carry more serious gear. Lately, they have preferred sedans to families, and prices are quite affordable.

Few people have the ability to own every type of car for every type of movement. However, it is good to consider your lifestyle when choosing a car, and not rely only on gut feeling and sympathy.



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