What is Brabus


In the automotive world, in addition to vehicle manufacturers, there are private ateliers whose purpose is to tune stock cars. One such studio is the Italian family-owned company Pininfarina. We talked about her in a separate article. Another equally well-known studio is brabus.

What type of tuning does the company do, how did it come about and what impressive achievements? We will consider all this in this review.

What is Brabus


The company is engaged in the external modernization of cars, and also pays attention to their technical data. The main platform of activity is Mercedes-Benz cars or other representatives of the Daimler concern. The central office is located in the German city of Bottrop.

The atelier appeared back in 1977. the founders are Klaus Brackman and Bodo Buschman. The first letters of the founders' surnames - Bra and Bus - were chosen as the company name. Today the studio is the largest stock car modernization company.

What is Brabus

Since 1999 Brabus is a registered division of Daimler Chrysler... The task of the department is to modernize the car so that its power unit can develop the maximum power and torque possible for a specific volume. There are two services for all clients of the company - you can buy an already modernized car, or you can bring your own for a rework.

The company provides two types of tuning:

  • Facelift. This package of services includes the installation of sports body kits, large discs with low-profile tires, a spoiler, air intakes and other elements that give the vehicle a sporty look and improve aerodynamic characteristics;
  • Technical tuning. Many clients, contacting the atelier, not only want their iron horse to look athletic, but also give results that match their appearance. To do this, the company's foremen rework the engine and related systems so that its parameters increase several times. For example, a mechanic bores a block of cylinders, installs other pistons, a crankshaft, a camshaft, etc. All work is carried out by hand, and at the end, a specialist's autograph is put on the engine.
What is Brabus

Often, the atelier performs interior refinement, replacing the dashboard, seats and other elements according to personal design.

Successful projects

The company has implemented more than one successful project. The most famous of them is a modification of a full-fledged SUV. Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG in the back of W166. The model was presented at the Essen Motor Show in 2012.

The car received a sports body kit and an adaptive Airmatic suspension. A little later, the car was equipped with original 23-inch wheels. The interior also received minor changes.

What is Brabus

The motor has undergone the most changes. Now he began to give out as much as 620 horsepower, and the torque increased to 820 Nm. Although acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour has not significantly changed (just 0,2 seconds faster - now the figure is 4,5 seconds), the maximum speed has increased to 300 km / h, and this is electronically limited.


Some of the brabus sports modifications have set a world record. They own:

  • Record for a city sedan - Mercedes E-class W210 exceeded the bar of 205 miles or 330 kilometers per hour (1996);
  • In 2003, this car of the same class, only in the back of the W211, set a record of 350,2 km / h;
  • Three years later, yet another sedan from the tuning studio set a new world standard for sedans. The model was named Brabus Rocket, and the car really turned out to be a real rocket - CLS in the back of C3 accelerated to a maximum limit of 219 kilometers per hour;What is Brabus
  • In the same 2006, the car broke its own record, accelerating to 365,7 kilometers / hour;
  • Another speed record belongs to the GLK V12 crossover. Its peak speed was 322 kilometers per hour.

Automotive sports continue to evolve. Who knows what heights the world-famous atelier will still reach. Time will tell, but for now we suggest watching a video about the conversion of cars by the company:

BRABUS. This is how top-class tuning specialists work


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