What does the Volkswagen logo mean


Golf, Polo, Beetle. Most motorists' brains automatically add a Volkswagen. And this is not surprising, because in one 2019 the company sold more than 10 million vehicles. It was an absolute record in the entire history of the brand. Therefore, all over the world, simple "VW" in a circle is known even to those who do not follow the novelties of the auto world.

The logo of a brand with a worldwide reputation has no special hidden meaning. The combination of letters is a simple abbreviation for the name of a car. Translated from German - "people's car". This is how this icon came about.

History of creation

In 1933, Adolf Hitler set a task for F. Porsche and J. Verlin: we need a car accessible to the common people. In addition to his desire to win the favor of his subjects, Hitler wanted to give pathos to the “new Germany”. For this, cars had to be assembled at a new car plant created for this purpose. At the exit from the assembly line, a "people's car" was to be obtained.

In the summer of 1937, a limited liability company was formed to develop and produce a new car. In the fall of the following year, it was renamed the familiar Volkswagen.

What does the Volkswagen logo mean

The creation of the first prototypes of the people's car took two whole years. There was no time left to work with the logo design. Therefore, it was decided that the production models will receive a simple logo on the grille, which is still circulating in the languages ​​of modern motorists.

First logos

What does the Volkswagen logo mean

The original version of the Volkswagen logo was invented by Franz Xaver Reimspiess, an employee of the Porsche company. This badge was in the style of the swastika popular in Nazi Germany. Later (1939) only the familiar letters were left in a circle resembling a gear. They were written in bold on a white background.

What does the Volkswagen logo mean

In 1945, the logo was inverted and now has white letters on a black background. Five years later, the badge was added to the square. And the color of the symbols returned to black. This sign existed for seven years. Then a turquoise logo with letters on a white background appeared.

New Volkswagen logo

What does the Volkswagen logo mean

Since 1978, the company logo has undergone minor changes. They could be noticed only by those who are interested in the history of the creation of the people's car. Until the beginning of the third millennium, the logo was changed three more times. Basically it was the same VW in a circle. The differences concerned the shade of the background.

In the period from 2012 to 2020. the icon was made in three-dimensional form. However, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019. the company introduced a new brand logo. Board member Jürgen Steckman said that the design of the updated sign will usher in a new era for Volkswagen.

What does the Volkswagen logo mean

Icon Features

By the new company, apparently, it means the era of the creation of the "people's car" on electric traction. The main elements of the logo remained unchanged. The designers removed the three-dimensional design from it, and made the lines clearer.

The updated logo of the global brand will flaunt on cars produced from the second half of 2020.



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