Chrysler will create an electric car based on the iconic Airflow model

Company representatives Chrysler demonstrated the first sketches of the Airflow Vision electrical concept. The resulting model is designed to “absorb” all the brand's innovations. The official presentation of the electric car will be held at CES 2020, which will be held in Las Vegas. Information was provided by the press service of the company Fiat-Chrysler.

Chrysler representatives assure that this will be a real breakthrough in the premium segment. The car will be equipped with a unique system of interaction between the driver and passengers. It will be realized due to a large number of displays with an abundance of settings.

The interior features of the car were “borrowed” from the Chrysler Pacifica model. In particular, this applies to flat floors. Chrysler will create an electric car based on the iconic Airflow model The exterior is streamlined. One of the features is the “blade” that externally connects the headlights. In general, it is noticeable that the automaker has focused on futurism.

The streamlined shape is a nod to the iconic Airflow Vision. It was built in the 30s and was one of the first vehicles on the market. The “trick” of the model was the aerodynamic performance outstanding for that time. They were achieved through an unusual design. Chrysler's contemporaries are trying to do this now.

If you believe the words of representatives of the automaker, the new product will bring something new to the concept of aerodynamics. This is likely to be a turning point for the entire automotive industry. Even if such bold expectations do not come true, the model will definitely be a landmark for Chrysler.



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