Tire ink - find out what it is and which one to choose


The tires are in direct contact with the road surface. As a result, they are exposed to various types of pollution. If you have used tires for several seasons, then you have probably noticed that they have become dull and dirty. In this case, tire blackening comes to the rescue. Is it worth investing in this drug? How to use it to achieve the effect of deep black?

Tire ink - when should you use it?

Many drivers want their car to look perfect. They claim that the look of the car represents them. They often use the car wash and clean the interior. Tires are problematic in this case, because even a short trip can cause them to return to their pre-wash condition. Cleaning will not make them look like new, on the contrary, microcracks will become more noticeable. 

If you want to take care of the appearance of your car, then blackening tires is a good choice. Check out what its use gives: 

  • you will get a “wet tire effect”, i.e. refreshing appearance;
  • you will emphasize the original black color of the tire;
  • repair microcracks on the sidewalls of tires;
  • you will protect the tires from water if you use a product with hydrophobic properties;
  • you will protect the rubber from erosion, which will allow the tires to last longer.

Tire Ink - effects you can get

The use of blackening will make the tires look like new. Thus, they will match a clean car with a freshly washed and shiny body. Any tire defects temporarily become invisible. 

Deep blacks aren't the only effect you'll get. Some tire care products give them a spectacular shine. But that's not all, because the tire is protected from adverse factors such as weather. It also increases its durability. You don't have to worry about the side effects of using tire blackener - this type of product is safe.

Tire blackening spray or bandage - what to choose?

Despite the fact that they perform the same function, tire impregnation and tire blackening spray are different preparations. Dressing, unlike blackening, is a professional measure. As a result, it also provides a longer lasting effect of use.

Tire fitting — characteristics

If you want to nourish and permanently darken your car's tires, this product is for you. Bandages are used by manual car washes and detailing studios. Although they are often referred to as tire paints, they belong to a separate group of drugs. Bandages protect against:

  • oxidation of the rubber compound;
  • harmful effects of UV rays;
  • tire damage due to reduced elasticity;
  • cracks.

Tire repair is carried out in the form of:

  • pasty;
  • foam;
  • butter;
  • spray.

Tire Ink - Application

You can use a tire blackener to improve the appearance of a tire, not to protect it. This measure is often used by used car dealers to improve the appearance of the car. It has slightly fewer advantages than a professional dressing, but it will still significantly affect the appearance of the car. 

Tire ink - which one to choose and how to use?

You should choose a drug from a well-known manufacturer that will provide a visible and lasting effect. Using a tire blackening agent is easy even for inexperienced people. Below you will find instructions for its use.

  1. You must wash your tires before applying tire blackener. You must carefully remove dust and dirt. 
  2. If your blackening is in the form of a paste or gel, apply a small amount to a sponge and gently spread over the entire surface of the tire. 
  3. Apply easier with a tire blackening spray. First shake the jar vigorously. Then spray the surface of the tire from a distance of about 20 cm.
  4. After applying the drug, wait 30 seconds and wipe the splint with a dry cloth.
  5. If part of the preparation has got on the discs, try to quickly remove the dirt. This way you avoid staining them. 

Tire Ink - Should You Use It?

You may come across the opinion that the use of blackening for tires will shorten their life. On the contrary, it may even extend it. It is necessary to ensure that the drug does not remain on the discs, as this may adversely affect their color. Tire ink is not sticky, so even after many kilometers the tire will remain clean. 

Using a tire blackener makes sense for many reasons. Even if your car is about a decade old, freshening up tires won't hurt it. You will benefit especially by using this type of training in new premium cars. There, applying a tire blackening agent will emphasize the class and design of the car. Do not hesitate any longer - choose the right product and get to work!

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