According to a Deloitte study cited by the British edition of Autocar, by the end of the 20s, about 1/3 of new cars sold in showrooms will be fully electric.

Experts estimate that around 2030 million electric vehicles will be sold each year by 31,1. This is 10 million units more than in the last similar forecast by Deloitte, published in early 2019. According to the research company, sales of cars with gasoline and diesel engines have already reached their peak, and it is impossible to achieve a better result.

In the same analysis, it is noted that the global car market will not return to its pre-coronavirus levels until 2024. The forecast for this year - sales of electric models will reach 2,5 million units. But in 2025 their number will increase to 11,2 million. In 2030, almost 81% of all new vehicles sold are expected to be entirely on electricity, and the demand for used electric vehicles will increase significantly.

“Initially, the high price of electric vehicles discouraged most potential buyers, but now electric cars cost almost as much as their gasoline and diesel counterparts, which will lead to increased demand.”
said Jamie Hamilton, in charge of electric vehicles at Deloitte.

The expert is confident that interest in electric vehicles will increase in the coming years, despite the lack of a good infrastructure for charging stations. In the UK, about half of drivers are already considering buying an electric car when changing their current car. A strong incentive for this is the bonuses that the authorities offer when purchasing a car with zero harmful emissions.



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